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Where Can You Buy Refurbished Hardware, Now? 33

Posted by Cliff
from the used-computers-for-sale dept.
theGoodWitch writes "Since Egghead.com went bankrupt (that new 'powered by Amazon.com' site they have not is not the same thing), I'm having trouble finding good deals on used/refurbished/end-of-stock PCs, servers, hard drives, tape drives, and such. Ubid has some, but not nearly the selection. eBay has too much, and it's too hard to sort out who the sellers are. I don't want to buy from individuals, only from commercial suppliers with (at least limited) warranties and minimal guarantees. Egghead.com was perfect, but now they're gone. What happened to all the stuff they were getting? Who is selling it now?"
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Where Can You Buy Refurbished Hardware, Now?

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