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Distributed Versus Centralized DB? 47

Posted by Cliff
from the updates-without-terrible-bottlenecks dept.
OSXCPA asks: "I am developing a framework for processing accounting information. What kinds of advice would you have for setting up an environment where several (eventually, many) remote data aggregation and processing centers would update a central server 'after hours' to avoid processing delays. For those with ERP experience, I am trying to process transactions locally, instead of generating a batch in the central server, then update and validate the result to the central server, so my remote users can process at full speed all day, and central DB can get caught up later. Remote locations are all self-contained, in that no one will be posting transactions to another remote location. No big iron - this is all networked PC/Mac hardware and a central server (eventually to be a server farm, as needed). Feedback or constructive criticism would be appreciated. Technical advice is great, but I'm also looking for stuff like 'Gee, if I had only known XXX when I set this up, I would have done YYY...'"
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Distributed Versus Centralized DB?

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