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What Live CDs Do You Carry Around? 184 184

TPC asks: "I recently acquired a small CD case that fits 12 CDs. I figured that it would be useful to always carry around a few CDs to use when helping others with computer issues, or in case something goes wrong with my own computer. However, I'm having a hard time deciding what CDs to pick, and there are probably many hidden gems out there. I'm sure I'm not the first person with this idea, so I ask you: What 12 live (and otherwise) CDs would you carry around?"
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What Live CDs Do You Carry Around?

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  • Live? (Score:5, Funny)

    by east coast (590680) on Thursday November 30, 2006 @12:32AM (#17044874)
    "Different Stages" by Rush... but that's obviously not what you mean.
  • by _damnit_ (1143) on Thursday November 30, 2006 @01:20AM (#17045338) Journal
    Great album. Won't help much with fixing your Mom's computer though.
  • Re:Knoppix (Score:4, Funny)

    by X0563511 (793323) * on Thursday November 30, 2006 @01:50AM (#17045554) Homepage Journal
    Whoops, forgot to give you even a cursory description. From the main page:
    Description: SystemRescueCd is a linux system on a bootable cdrom for repairing your system and your data after a crash. It also aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the partitions of the hard disk. It contains a lot of system utilities (parted, partimage, fstools, ...) and basic ones (editors, midnight commander, network tools). It aims to be very easy to use: just boot from the cdrom, and you can do everything. The kernel of the system supports most important file systems (ext2/ext3, reiserfs, reiser4, xfs, jfs, vfat, ntfs, iso9660), and network ones (samba and nfs).

    Note to moderators: please do not moderate this post up, unless it falls beneath the default threshhold - unless the parent post falls below as well. I want this information visible and I simply forgot to add it to the parent post, and do not wish moderation points to be wasted. Thanks.
  • HURD (Score:3, Funny)

    by Samrobb (12731) on Thursday November 30, 2006 @02:55AM (#17045922) Homepage Journal

    No, seriously [superunprivileged.org]... whenever a system crashes, you can pop it in, and BAM - you get the certain knowledge that, no matter how bad things might be, you're at least one step above absolute rock bottom.

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