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Ask Slashdot: Learning Dart Development? 107 107

First time accepted submitter gmikeska07 writes "I have no computer science degree, but I took a Java class in college and greatly enjoyed it. I have some experience with Javascript and have done some perl programming as well. I would like to learn Google's forthcoming Dart language. My question is in three parts: a) Is there any chance that if I self-teach Dart, I can get a job in development without a CS degree, once companies begin using the language? b) Is it really worth installing Virtual Studio as per the dartlang docs, or should I wait for a dedicated IDE like the rumored 'Brightly'? Alternatively, are there any solid open development environments that are adding support? c) Do you know of any books that are out or on the way that I could buy? What programming series do you guys recommend? Hopefully I can learn in my spare time, and if I can't get a job in development I can at least have fun with it, and maybe make a few libraries for the Dart community!"
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Ask Slashdot: Learning Dart Development?

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday November 01, 2011 @09:49AM (#37906738)

    Learn to program first. The language is irrelevant (But as a previous comment states, try to go for things that are actually in use). Knowing a specific language won't do much for you. Selling yourself as someone who knows a specific language only limits you. You had better be prepared to use any language out there, know it or not.

  • Discourage (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday November 01, 2011 @09:57AM (#37906858)

    As someone who has been a hiring manager...

    If I have a choice between a person with a degree and one who is self taught, I would always choose the person with the degree. If I have the choice between no one and someone who is self taught - I will wait for another person to come along. I suspect it will be hard to get a real programming job if you are only self taught. There are a lot of elements to a computer science discipline beyond just knowing a language, and hiring managers look for those skills. Experience can also take the place of a degree, but it has to be years of experience beyond just hobby programming.

    Also, if you are learning DART as a hobby program, go for it. If you are learning it as an entry into programming - go with something more mainline like Java. The jury will be out for some time regarding the success of this offshoot, and Google has certainly experimented then dropped new tech before.

  • Hi. I'm a young whipper snapper who would like to learn something fresh and new with almost no user base instead of using already existing solutions that do all that I'd ever need to do and have loads of documentation and already existing user base.

    Alternative response: Welcome to the exciting ever changing world of software development with more tools at your disposal than you could ever hope to learn! It's great that you're interested in this brand new language. It's probably not the best to cut your teeth on if you're new to the game so be prepared for challenges in regards to lacking documentation.

    And instead of acknowledging that I was foolish to try using a brand new language and expect great support, I'm going to complain to everyone I come into contact with that they don't support this new language and if they were worth anything they would support it because its by company X or uses this new paradigm Y.

    You make the submitter sound like a whiny bitch ... yet all I detected in his questions were eagerness and optimism. Where did he complain? Where did demand support for this language from you? Why the hostility? You don't have to read his posts at you know. Christ at the end he was hoping to help build support for Dart.

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