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Education Robotics

Ask Slashdot: Setting Up a Summer Camp Tech Center? 49

Posted by timothy
from the wish-I-was-the-right-age dept.
First time accepted submitter michaelknauf writes "I'm running a large summer camp that's primarily concerned with performing arts: music, dance, circus, magic, theater, art, and I want to add some more tech into the program. We already do some iOS game design with Stencyl. We also have an extensive model railroad and remote control car program and a pretty big computer lab (about 100 Apple machines). Our program provides all materials as part of tuition, so I've stayed away from robotics as a matter of cost, but I'd love to buy a 3D printer and do classes with that and the Arduino is cheap enough to make some small electronics projects sensible... where do I find the sort of people who could teach such a program as a summer gig? What projects make sense without spending too much cash on a per project basis but would be cool fun for kids and would teach them?"
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Ask Slashdot: Setting Up a Summer Camp Tech Center?

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  • by For a Free Internet (1594621) on Saturday December 15, 2012 @02:34PM (#42302859)

    I recommend at least one computer. Also, computers these days require electricity and display monitors.

    Furthermore, keyboards are very handy for interfacing with the computer.

    Also you will need at least five dogs to ward off attackers who might come on the internet or the LAN to virus you. Big, scary barky dogs.

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