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Ask Slashdot: Good Ideas For Creative Gaming With Girlfriend? 337

Posted by timothy
from the keep-it-clean-now dept.
First time accepted submitter TimBur1e6 writes "Suppose you had just moved 1000 miles away from your significant other, but you wanted to continue to create shared life experiences. You could text, or talk by voice, or even video chat. And those would all be good things to do. However, there's a difference between telling someone about your day, and actually spending time together. What are some fun and constructive ways of spending time together on the net? In particular, what are good things to do with a significant other who is less into combat, and more into collaboration, exploration, creativity, and storytelling?"
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Ask Slashdot: Good Ideas For Creative Gaming With Girlfriend?

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  • Let's see... (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday August 25, 2013 @02:52PM (#44670895)

    Minecraft? Portal 2 Team Mode? Draw Something?

    • Re:Let's see... (Score:4, Informative)

      by tysonedwards (969693) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @02:55PM (#44670921)
    • Re:Let's see... (Score:4, Insightful)

      by djupedal (584558) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:46PM (#44671325)
      Cut to the chase - dump the games and go right into good old fashioned phone sex.
  • Easy (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward


  • Terraria (Score:4, Informative)

    by bistromath007 (1253428) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @02:54PM (#44670903)
    Minecraft, but in 2D. This actually makes it better, in my opinion. It's easier to build things. Also, it looks nicer.
  • by thechemic (1329333) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @02:55PM (#44670911)
    Anyone can do it. Snuggles not included
  • Github (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Urkki (668283) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @02:57PM (#44670933)

    Start or join an opensource project and work on it together.

    Nothing like some real achievements, which actually help people who use the software for real. Some game achievements don't quite compare.

    • Enjoying quality time with your partner isn't (always) about "achievements"..

    • Now if you could only combine phone sex with coding together...

      ( know I only wrote that to make developers go all 'splodey, right?)

  • Really? No ones taken the low hanging fruit of, "Lots of people say they like to role play with their signifigant others," or "My brother says him and his wife do role playing, but he just looks at me funny when I ask what rule set they're using," yet?

  • by Teresita (982888) <badinage1.netzero dot net> on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:00PM (#44670973) Homepage
    Surprised this game hasn't been suggested yet.
  • clearly (Score:5, Funny)

    by NEDHead (1651195) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:02PM (#44671003)

    "... collaboration, exploration, creativity, and storytelling?"

    Suggest a 3-way?

  • Second Life (Score:5, Informative)

    by vadim_t (324782) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:09PM (#44671045) Homepage

    Some may scoff at this, but this is exactly the sort of thing SL for.

    Look around in there, you'll probably find something to your liking.

    • I second Second Life. It goes beyond virtual dancing and virtual sex. You can create virtual objects, write scripts that control the behavior of those objects, play in world games (often hunting for clues or prizes), explore others creations, practice another language, hear live music (some of it truly great) and develop a complete online social circle.
    • Tons of avatar customization so you can make yourselves look like yourselves...or not, as one prefers. More places to go and things to do than you can shake a stick at, not counting making your own fun by building, scripting or hosting your own events. Built in voice chat and media playback. Available for Windows, OSX and Linux

    • Re:Second Life (Score:5, Interesting)

      by RJFerret (1279530) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @08:18PM (#44672655) Homepage

      Bingo, lotsa' couples use SL exactly for this purpose. There are restaurants, live music events, parks, amusement park rides, canoe trips, shopping, golfing, bowling, book clubs, art exhibits, games within the environment, educational classes, clubs, adult erotic fare of all sorts, and zillions of people to share/socialize/befriend, many of whom are in the same boat.

      You can pick up or rent a house or apartment and decorate together to have your own shared place.

      I even knew a couple who explored things they felt too silly to do in their own bedroom, from two computers in the same apartment, within the safe confines of SL.

      It's also amazing how effective a virtual hug can be when someone prompts it. It does give you a sense of being in the same place, together.

  • best idea yet (Score:5, Informative)

    by slashmydots (2189826) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:11PM (#44671053)
    Since most of the suggestions above me weren't actually serious, I'll add play Neverwinter. It's free to play and the people are easy going and not psycho competitive and mean like LoL or Starcraft 2. The game itself is pretty fun and some content is pretty tongue in cheek. It's really easy to hop on and just do whatever together like a raid of dungeon or pvp and there's plenty of comical pvp groups like all 5 wizards who lose horribly or something. So yeah, definitely fun, free, modern, and it's really easy to give each other free stuff in game as a present :-)
  • Second Life (Score:4, Informative)

    by umask077 (122989) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:14PM (#44671087)

    While not strickly a game many people find it a great way to interact with others far away., I met my partner there. She lived across the country for the first year of our relationship. Sounds strange but many of the things that can be done in real life can be done in Second Life. There are live DJ's and live musicians if you like to go dancing. There are video stores where you can purchase a video for viewing and watch it stream together from the comfort of your virtual home. There are some theaters. There is a ton to do in SL. From G rated on up. Its what you make it and its a great way to date while far away from your loved one. []

  • by flogger (524072) <non@nonegiven> on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:24PM (#44671151) Journal
    Leave skype on all evening... Watch movies "together" and talk to each other while watching. Make the same dinners "together." Storytelling? Open up a google doc and write your own story collaboratively. If you both like games, then play whatever you like together using teamspeak. My girl and I have played Ultima Online, Everyquest, starwars and Diablo when we were working across the country. What's important is that you communicate and spend "time" together. But something important that no one will mention is this: Trust each other and give each other time alone. Good luck.
    • Leave skype on all evening...

      My gf is into this, but she wants to do it when we're both working but in different countries. Really distracting to have Skype on the whole time when you're trying to do somethig else.

      • by Seumas (6865) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @06:02PM (#44672019)

        God damn, I remember when I was a teenager and in one of my first handful of relationships, the girl wanted to constantly be on the phone (even though we only lived like thirty fucking miles apart). It was like having a fucking anvil tied to my ankle. I mean, I can get that occasionally. LIke every couple of weeks. Especially if you're a great distance apart. But every mother fucking day? When you're practically in the same city? Good god...

        I really envy kids of the last 5-10 years. More options to feign "attention/communication" without it necessarily directly interrupting things you need to be spending your time doing.

  • by Chas (5144) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:26PM (#44671173) Homepage Journal

    If this were last year, I'd have recommended City of Heroes for you. Creativity and flexibility out the ying-yang.
    Unfortunately, those mental defectives at NCSoft put the kibosh on that.

  • What about World of Warcraft? There are lots of casual things to do besides raids or other hardcore gamer battles that involve killing things (but don't roll a toon on a pvp realm!). Of course, there's that $15/month bite. Each! Just a thought.

  • by Chemisor (97276) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:33PM (#44671223)

    Collaboration: Create an online dating profile. Have your old girlfriend write a recommendation on why you're worth dating.
    Exploration: Ask her to rate potential new girlfriends.
    Creativity: Date new girlfriend.
    Storytelling: Tell the old one about the new one.
    Combat: You did say she's not into combat, right? But, just in case, hide your batleth.

  • I know it's been out a long time, but FFXI can be a very enjoyable environment for two (or more) people to hang out together when they're miles apart. It's got a lot of places to explore and goals to achieve that have nothing to do with battle. (i.e. Crafting, Fishing, Exploration Quests, etc.). Just a suggestion. :)
  • When my girlfriend and I lived several hundred miles apart, we played Left 4 Dead a LOT together in campaign mode. We are now happily married and looking forward to L4D3 :)

  • My wife and I were apart for almost a year. Skype + Minecraft on a server was awesome and helped us stay connected. I highly recommend it.

  • But perhaps not the 'enhanced edition', haven't tried it yet but heard it doesn't work on some laptops. Or, Neverwinter online.

  • by gmuslera (3436)
    As they surely will be watching/hearing (at least since 5 years ago [] they enjoy a lot intercepting and sharing hot phone sex calls), you can try to enjoy having spectators and have fun with them.
  • At least that's what we called in in high school.
  • I've never played it, but read enough about it to think it might be a good way to spend time on-line interacting with a physically distant significant other.
  • Er? (Score:3, Funny)

    by UnknowingFool (672806) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @03:53PM (#44671383)

    Suppose you had just moved 1000 miles away from your significant other, but you wanted to continue to create shared life experiences.

    I'm sorry. I don't understand this sentence. Is this 'significant other' something that happens when I leave the basement? Can I get my mom to get one for me while she's out?

  • Leather.

  • by gestalt_n_pepper (991155) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @04:00PM (#44671423)


  • by antdude (79039)

    Girlfriend? Yeah right. We need proofs of that.

  • Read aloud (Score:4, Informative)

    by SoftwareArtist (1472499) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @04:29PM (#44671551)

    Pick a book you'll both enjoy, and take turns reading aloud to each other.

  • by asmkm22 (1902712) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @04:30PM (#44671565)

    Start by developing an idea, tone, and theme for a story that you can collaborate on and write. There's a lot of fun details to flesh out to make the world feel alive (especially if the story isn't just set in modern times) like establishing kingdoms or galactic alliances and whatnot. If you one you likes to draw or doodle, you can get some fun map-making in. You can setup short term goals like "this week, we should each try and write up a character profile for someone in the world" and then share the ideas you've come up with when you're together online again.

    I know it's not a straight-up game in the way you were asking, but it could easily become one that's shared between just the two of you. Most rewarding is the actual progress you make on something that will last longer than the next WoW patch cycle. And who knows, maybe you guys end up releasing the next big book series as a result, or pioneer a new pen-and-paper RPG setting. As long as you did it together, you've created unique memories with each other, despite the distance.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday August 25, 2013 @04:41PM (#44671639)

    The only game you're going to enjoy is called "unpleasant few months splitting up with my girlfriend despite good internet access because moving 1000 miles away from her means the relationship is over".

    You will learn a great deal in the process, mostly concerning the fact that the most important part of a relationship is lots of time spent together sharing real life experiences and, yes, good 'ol fashoined sex.

    Sorry dude, but time will teach you that this just wasn't going to end well, no matter how much in denial you were when you made the decision to make this move : I've made the same mistake myself in the past when bandwidth and communiction possibilities were less advanced than they are now but the bottom line is you put a career opportunity first and this is the price you will almost certainly have to pay.

  • You could collude at online poker.
  • what are good things to do with a significant other who is less into combat, and more into collaboration, exploration, creativity, and storytelling?

    There are several muds that fit that bill nicely. Text based. No explosions. Solve puzzles. Act out a character. Contribute to a story.

  • Answer (Score:4, Insightful)

    by NonSenseAgency (1759800) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @06:10PM (#44672085)
    Try Second is a multi-user virtual environment with all the trappings of social media. However, it is an environment created by the users. You can do *anything* there, and I do mean anything, up to and including virtual sex if that is your bent. Extremely rich, immersive and even addictive (of course), virtual marriages have occurred there that led to real life marriages...and divorces.
  • Preferably a real life carbon based life form version.

  • is that a word? now it is.

  • Left 4 Dead is a great co-op game which guys and gals play.

  • Minecraft.

    Portal 2.

    Better: a question for you: what do you guys like to play? Why are you asking us about games to play, when you should know what you like and what she likes - since you're both obviously gamers, right? Right? So, do you both actually play games? If so, find something that's online, that you both enjoy, and play it. There's lots of free games, free-to-try games, and games you might only have to shell out a couple bucks each to get (Humble Bundle, anyone?). But, if one of you isn't a gamer,

  • by Anubis IV (1279820) on Sunday August 25, 2013 @11:05PM (#44673521)

    I had a similar situation, except it was just with friends, rather than a significant other. We knew we liked gaming, but gaming together only gets you so far, just as talking only gets you so far. You need to have a shared experience that isn't as distracting as multiplayer gaming can be.

    For us, what we did was start recording Let's Play videos and uploading them to YouTube. Basically, set up some video streaming (e.g. we use TeamViewer, but works for others), chat on Skype, have one of you play a single-player game, and then record everything that happens. You can talk about the game or anything else. For me, it perfectly captures the same feeling I used to have when playing a single-player game with a friend, either as the player or the viewer. We just shoot the breeze, comment on the game, look up stuff related to it, and generally just have a fun time. It facilitates conversation and ensures that you don't have awkward silences, since the game is constantly happening.

    For you, uploading the videos to YouTube doesn't make much sense, since we now have 1000 subscribers with really trying, and that sort of thing is the last thing you need when having conversations with your significant other. Even so, the idea may be applicable. Don't constrain yourself to multiplayer games. Single player can work great too.

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