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NT blaming an NTFS Flaw on POSIX? 11 11

LordXarph was skimming through the book "Microsoft Windows NT Network Administration" he came across a passage claiming that a strange piece of behavior under NT (it could be even called a bug) was due to its compliance to POSIX rules. Now I don't know whether the problem is true or not, but I was hoping someone well versed in NT and POSIX systems might answer his question instead. Click below for more.

"Ok, Whilst skimming through the book I came across the following passage:

PROBLEM: A user deletes a file, even though that user was assigned the No Access permission for the file.

In UNIX file systems, users who have the Write permission to a folder can delete files in the folder. Because Windows NT supports POSIX programs that are designed to run on UNIX file systems, the NTFS Full Control permission allows users to delete files in a folder even if the user has the No Access permission for the file.

(For those not versed in NT, "No Access" is a "special" permission that overrides everything if access conflicts arise. If a user attempts to access a folder, but any one of the groups he is a member of has No Access to the folder, it's Permission Denied no matter what his other permissions are) Now, first of all, I'm unfamiliar with POSIX, but as far as my memory serves, I can't think of ANY mode resembling No Access in any OS other than NT. Second, A friend of mine (who is somewhat more versed in Unix environments than I am) says that it sounds like NT's Full Control permission is similar to root, and, of course, why the hell would root be denied access to ANYTHING?"

Now this sounded fishy to me so I tried this on my Linux box, removing a directory called ".temp.dir" which had some random contents I had floating in my home directory. The results were as expected:

rm: .temp.dir: Permission denied
rm: .temp.dir: Directory not empty
I'm using fileutils v3.16, but I'm sure this behavior dates back earlier than this version.

So can someone clarify this. Does POSIX actually have this behavior, or is this actually a bug in NT?

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NT blaming an NTFS Flaw on POSIX?

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