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+ - Microsoft Fixes Last of Duqu Vulnerabilites in Latest Update->

Submitted by wiredmikey
wiredmikey (1824622) writes "Security researchers are warning Microsoft customers to keep their eyes on the critical bulletins in this month’s Patch Tuesday update. All totaled, Microsoft issued patches to address 23 security bugs across its product line.

However, the company is recommending administrators turn their attention to two of the seven bulletins first — MS12-034 and MS12-029. MS12-034 includes 10 fixes across several product lines that were bundled together as part of an update meant to put the finishing touches on a vulnerability exploited by the infamous Duqu malware. Believed to be related to Stuxnet, Duqu was spotted in September exploiting a vulnerability affecting Microsoft Word. Though the company previously patched the bug with MS11-087, other Microsoft products were discovered to contain the same vulnerability as well."

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Microsoft Fixes Last of Duqu Vulnerabilites in Latest Update

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