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Submission + - Regulators smash global phone tech support scam operation-> 1

SternisheFan writes: "Zack Whittaker, ZDNet News: The FTC announced a crackdown on a massive international computer tech support scam that allegedly swindled tens of thousands of consumers in six countries.
Regulators from five countries joined together in an operation to crack down on a series of companies orchestrating one of the most widespread Internet scams of the decade. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other international regulatory authorities today said they shut down a global criminal network that bilked tens of thousands of consumers by pretending to be tech support providers. FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz, speaking during a press conference with a Microsoft executive and regulators from Australia and Canada, said 14 companies and 17 individuals were targeted in the investigation. In the course of the crackdown, U.S. authorities already have frozen $188,000 in assets, but Leibowitz said that would increase over time thanks to international efforts."

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Regulators smash global phone tech support scam operation

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  • Gack.... since 2009.

    "More than 10,000 complaints were drawn from Australian citizens to the country's regulator as early as 2009.
    Once the scam began to spread around the world, the Australia Communication and Media Authority contacted
    U.S. authorities with intelligence on the scammers, which had by then received 2,400 complaints.
    The FTC said "hundreds of thousands of U.S. consumers" could have been affected."

    At internet speeds this is OH so slow.....

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