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Submitted by mni12
mni12 (451821) writes "I have been working on a Bayesian Morse decoder for a while. My goal is to have a CW decoder that adapts well to different ham radio operators rhythm, sudden speed changes, signal fluctuations, interference and noise and has ability to decode Morse code accurately. While this problem is not as complex as speaker independent speech recognition there is still a lot of human variation where machine learning algorithms such as Bayesian probabilistic methods can help.

I posted first alpha release yesterday and despite all the bugs first brave ham reported success.
I would like to collect thousands of audio samples (WAV files) of real world CW traffic captured by hams via some sort of online system that would allow hams not only to upload captured files but also provide relevant details such as their callsign, date & time, frequency, radio / antenna used, software version, comments etc. I would then use these audio files to build a test library for automated tests to improve the Bayesian decoder performance.

Since my focus is on improving the decoder and not starting to build a digital audio archive service I would like to get suggestions of any open source (free) software packages, online services or any other ideas how to effectively collect large number of audio files and without putting much burden on alpha / beta testers to submit their audio captures. Many available services require registration and don't support metadata or aggregation of submissions.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions."

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Ask Slashdot: How to build Morse code audio library for machine learning?

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