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+ - Ask Slashdot: 2014: The state of open CS or IT, CIS, DBA, GIS, etc courseware?

Submitted by xyourfacekillerx
xyourfacekillerx (939258) writes "Not long ago, /. readers answered a question for someone seeking to finish a BS in CS online. I am in a similar situation with a different question. I am a US citizen in Colorado, I have spent five years frivolously studying philosophy at a very expensive university, and now I want to start towards an Asssociates then perhaps Bachelor's in CS (I want to program for a living, I write code daily anyways). After four hours of combing through google ads, I turn to slashdot myself. Problem 1: I am out of money and I have an 8 to 5, so on campus enrollment somewhere is not an option. Problem 2: and I have *very* little to transfer due to the specificity of my prior studies: I don't even have my core English/Language or even math cores to transfer. After about four hours of searching, I can't answer the questions: 1) Just where *are* the open CS courseware? Who offers it in a way it's more than just lecture notes posts online? 2) Can any of it help or hinder me getting a degree (i.e. does any of it transfer, potentially? is it a waste of time? These two questions will help me understand the state of CS courseware that was supposed to be the next big thing, and inform me what to do with my summer. Additionally, any tips about accredited online universities (preferrably self-paced) where I can start to get my associates and/or bachelor's in CS at low cost would be useful. I intend to be enrolled to some online somewhere by Fall, and I am starting my own search among colorado junior colleges who don't demand on-campus presence like most 4 years do. Slashdot, please help me."
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Ask Slashdot: 2014: The state of open CS or IT, CIS, DBA, GIS, etc courseware?

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