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Where Can I Find Goodwill Web Sites? 7

robp asks: "I am already familiar with hungersite.com and visit it everyday, but what other altruistic Web sites are there on the Internet that make donations of food, clothing or services to those in need, for every visit to the site (or click of a button/banner)?"
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Where Can I Find Goodwill Websites?

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  • Copyleft donates money for every shirt you buy..

  • You've probably noticed this on the Hunger site, but there is also a therainforestsite.com [therainforestsite.com] where you can donate to save the rainforest.

  • Goodwill [goodwill.org]

  • Feeling Generous?

    How about giving:

  • http://www.charityfrogs.org/
    http://www.ecologyfund.com/dynahtml/ecology/inde x.html

    Are they all legit? who knows...
  • robp-- Sorry to butt in. I'm sort of a lurker around here, and never signed up to do anything, but i saw this thread and couldn't resist. I go to the hungersite all the time too. I recently found out about another site -- zeal.com -- which gives much more to charity (up to $60 per day per person instead of 4 cents). The catch is you don't just click and go away, you have to register and add websites or rate websites in their directory. But it's pretty fun/addictive. And you can also pick the charity that you want to benefit or add one.

    Is it legit? I don't know -- but they do have a page [zeal.com] that shows the money they've already given away to the charities, and they have some quotes from some of them on the site.

    The charity section of the site is at www.zeal.com/charity [zeal.com], and the regular directory home page is (surprise) www.zeal.com [zeal.com]
  • www.kickstart.com lets you choose who gets the benefit of your surfing/shopping. (I give to a local group, High Point Church Middle School Ministries because I know some of the kids in the group, but there are several other choices.) There is also zeal.com & changingourworld.com.

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