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Parts For Discontinued Hardware? 9

barbaBob asks: "Where to get parts for discontinued hardware when the vendor itself is not an option? I myself am currently looking for parts for an Apple Network Server 500/700 which are harder to find than most, especially in Europe. It amazes me that there seems to be no sites dedicated to this kind of stuff, and no ways of finding it except for keeping an eye on the hardware section at eBay or calling/e-mailing used hardware dealers. Anyone got any pointers/suggestions? (For Sun/Alpha equipment, this Slashdot thread might help)."
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Parts for Discontinued Hardware?

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  • by rjamestaylor ( 117847 ) <> on Thursday October 05, 2000 @09:08PM (#727313) Journal
    I found this excellent site [] using this search [] on Google [].

    Did you even try Google?

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Amen. Ask slashdot shouldn't be a clearing house for "where can I find $thing?" questions- it'll turn in "it's over here; did you even try searching for it?" "Oh, thanks."
  • Yes! Sun Remarketing has parts! The only one that didn't show up in Google searches for 'used apple parts' and 'apple parts'.

    I really oughta formulate my posts a little better. The main thing was the idea of a kind of hardware exchange, not the ANS itself...

    Thnx tho!



  • I believe the problem is that no one wants to help someone until they help themselves. Maybe we should put some search forms or something in the post a submission section and give people some more guidelines for Ask Slashdot such as:

    • Must Search Google
    • Must Search newsgroups

    ok... I can't think of any more right now. too early.

    <rant> ok, so who thinks that an ask slashdot entitled "Porting Apple Newton Apps to Palm?" should have made it into slashdot. Sorry, but I personally think that should have made it in much easier than this one did. Shit, this guy obviously didn't use everything (maybe anything) at his disposal. I've searched MANY search engines, read newsgroups, and my post didn't make it in. </rant>

    My father instilled in me that he was always there for me (as Ask Slashdot is), but until you've done everything you can in your power to figure out the problem, don't waste other people's time.
  • I'm not sure if they have this in Europe..but at both of the universites I went to (Iowa State and Purdue University) there was a surplus shop or warehouse. At these, they sold old equipment parts and supplies of every description. For instance I have two dec stations, compleet with monitors keybaords and mice that I picked up for $35 a peice. I always seemed to miss the x-terms though, they go FAST! Anyways I was able to pick up all sorts of hardware there, 386's and non functioning workstations and macintoshes are great sources for scsi hard drives, token ring cards, old memory (great for use in upgrading printers and other small devices) monitors, printers, all that stuff. If you can find these sales, go to them...there like ham-fests, only better equipment and cheaper!
    Just my 2 cents.

  • Good idea. that pretty much takes care of "Search all search engines" =)
  • There are a couple of well known dealers of used Apple parts. to name a few.
  • Of course I tried Google. And Altavista. And HotBot. Dug up the service manuals from Apple's Service Source, searched the relevant mailinglists. Eric's site has been in my bookmarks for about four months. Contacted the various hardware dealers mentioned on that page, as well as a few others. One can sell me a few things like a RAID card but not the original parts I need (the reset switch actually).

    Some people actually do proper research first. Since I have been searching for a little over four months I thought I'd try Slashdot as a last resort before I consider throwing out the damn thing. I don't need another table...

    So if anyone got one of those ANS's left, let me know. Or if you're interested in the parts that do work (power supplies for example).

    And if someone has some pointers as an answer to the actual question...



  • Most uni's i've been to don't have such shops, of course U can always try at the Ce-bit or other computer events.

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