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What NT Web Hosts Are Good Web Hosts? 16

CritterNYC asks: "Anyone know of a good NT Web host? I've had 3 different hosting providers over the last 3 years and had horrible experiences with all three: downtime, unpatched servers, e-mail problems, security issues, configuration issues. Even tried one of the 'top-rated' hosts and it was even worse. Most of my problems can be traced to poor support. (I've administered NT and know what it's capable of.) I have a client store written in ASP and SQL7 to take live soon and am having trouble figuring out where to put it. Any suggestions?"
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What NT Web Hosts are Good Web Hosts?

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  • They're all installing G dubya Basic.
  • by Anonymous Coward [] seems to do a pretty good job for us.......... pure NT.
  • by lythander ( 21981 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2000 @04:31AM (#639486)
    The company I work for, ServerVault [], does secure, managed hosting. Check the link for the specs, but we work closely with clients to do what they need done. Super secure and super redundant. We can put up a box to your specs., and maintain it at whatever level you like -- hands-off, or watch it like a hawk and apply every patch that comes out (this last isn't the usual case, esp. for customers running custom apps as these fixes usually require a reboot, and often break those custom apps). It's up to the customer what level of support they want. We have lots of multi-OS expertise in house, 24x7 monitoring, etc.
  • Check out []. I use their *nix hosting, not NT, but they have been pretty good.
  • One that I know of which is very good is NetNation [].

    They've got locations in Vancouver, Sandiego and London. I've got 2 boxes at the Vancouver facility, and used to run off their hosted servers. The service has been great, and the uptime has be perfect. Hope that'll help.
  • I've used CIHost in a variety of functions for a long time now. Very good in my experience.

    They had a huge server outage a few months back and the president himself wrote a letter to all the domain holders regarding it. I don't expect that it would happen again.
  • Seriously, not just standard Slashdot Microsoft bashing. Look at Netcraft's uptime statistics []. At the time of writing none of the top fifty most reliable sites are running on NT. That's no accident: NT just isn't robust enough for this sort of application.
  • Check out msidg []. They have phat hosting, and they also do web development so they know what it's like to need good uptime and the like. They are alos really nice, I have dealt with them on a number of occasions and they are very honest.
  • I have been using Vservers for over a year now... while i'm pleased with the price and services offered, my connection to them always seems increadibly slow...

  • The only good NT host is a dead NT host! (I know, not that funny.)

    Host your own and subscribe to a good NT security newsletter, if you must use NT. Personally, I find Linux+PostgreSQL 7+PHP4 to be a superior alternative in speed, coding ease, and cost (given that the web copy of SQL Server 2000 will be $20,000!)

    Don't try to run Chili!Soft ASP for Linux as an alternative. It doesn't work. It tries to keep one connection to the database and when that gets lost, it never tries to reconnect (like an idiot) and you have to restart the Chili!Soft ASP daemon.
  • I have had excellent service from, where they have dedicated servers for reasonable prices. And don't listen to the rest of the people here about reliability, if you have considerable investment in ASP, it is cheaper for you to set up an AT job that reboots the server once a week than to recode it in PHP. Our local ISP supposedly has good NT services as well. Good Luck!
  • But NT's reputation precedes it here. Could it be that because of NT's stability issues, those users regularly reboot their boxes? Especially in a load-balanced or other redundant system, that could be done without affecting availability, which is the TRUE measure of a website's usefulness, not uptime.
  • I can't recommend a good NT host (never found one), but I will tell you that you should stay away from Interland like the plague (I can't even bring myself to make their name a link). I've seen C64's stay up longer than them. Daily support calls for weeks on end, terrible customer service and problem resolution, along with many levels of incompetence. I eventually ported any scripts/programs I had and moved to Unix based hosting. Although that may not be an option for you.
  • According to Netcraft's FAQ [], NT after SP4 does not display uptime information reliably.
  • I'm biased, but I suggest Cyber World Internet Services [] We run on some pretty beefy Windows 2000 servers off a T-1, and support ASP. We also have a dedicated SQL Server (v7.0, free to Enterprise customers). $9.95/month. []


  • I mistyped - Cyber World runs off a dual T-1, soon to be upgraded to at least a T-3, if not more. Oopsie. :) Mike

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