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Geeky Valentine Gifts? 35

WouldUBMine asks: "My valentine is fairly geeky and instead of boring roses or some other generic gift, I am looking for something that may be a little cooler or at least interesting. The only site I know of that targets geeks is and they don't stock any valentine-specific products. Does anyone have any good ideas?" Valentine's Day tends to be just another day for me (and I'm sure a few of you are in the same boat). For those of you who still take part, what places, both on and offline, have gifts that communicate those special feelings for your favorite Geek, in just the right way?
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Geeky Valentine Gifts?

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  • ...but asking slashdot what to get your loved one is much more personal, don't you think?
  • I managed to get my hands on a psx2, and I just gave her that for Valentine's day. I ended up giving it to her early (on Sunday) so we'd have more time to play with it. She loved it.

    *ahh* How easy my life will be to have a wife who likes toys as much as I do.
  • Got one. Heck, I built a NETWORK for her. Now, THAT is love......
  • Of course ... is not very original, but you could probably imagine something better.

    You could also eventually play on the suffix ...

  • Too bad you can include pictures in slashdot posts

    Seems like a good idea until you see the guy mass posted to every story. Some people just love to ruin it for everyone else.
  • by harlan ( 39333 )
    here [] here [] The gallery []
  • just bake cookies with her. its what we do every year. cut them out to spell things. My girlfriend isn't particularly geeky, so we usually stick with 'i love you' and our initials, but you might want to do:

    printf("I Love You\n");

    or something like that =)
  • I actually have pictures from last year:

    <A HREF=" .JPG">here</A>
    <A HREF=" .JPG">here</A>
    <A HREF=" .phtml?chosen=vday">The gallery</A>
  • For this alternate approach to St. V's Day, consider giving someone a hug, asking them out, etc.
  • I'm a fan of this anatomical chocolate heart []. Only a geek could truly appreciate it.

    Also on that site, brain shaped chocolate covered cherries and a heart gelatin mold.
  • They have those at RadioShack, you have to order it, and i think it's on page 216 of the catalog, but you'd have to check. The RSU number is: 12127031. I got one for my girlfriend last year, and she loved it.

  • []?They got cool stuff too.

    Spelling by [].

  • So sorry. [].

    Spelling by [].

  • uh...not quite.
  • Speaking of which, my friend(which, i guess can be called my girlfriend) are going on a trip the day after valentines to the observing site of the local astronomical society and do some observing et al :P
  • its []
  • How about a t-shirt from copyleft []?
    This one [] seems like it would suit the occasion nicely!

    Too bad you can include pictures in slashdot posts, oh well, you'll just have to follow the link [].
  • I think it might be fun to decorate your sweeties hardware.Roses of any kind in a nice computer garland or chain might be just the thing. You could follow that up with a bit of nice software later in the evening as well. I once made a turquoise cap for my sweeties on/off button, it still makes her smile every time she touches it.
    If your sweetie is in need of a smile I reccomend a gift from Seattles Archie McPheee, Where else can you get a Voodoo computer doll and x ray glasses! I think a nice screen border of rubber frogs or glow in the dark stars might be neat.
    You can find photomount spay at camera shops. If you give the bottom of whatever a spritz with it you can stick stuff to a smooth surface without leaving any stickum when you peel it off later. Its great for photos, hand made cards, gemstones, and anything with flat surfaces. You can re position them as many times as you like to getyour best arrangement.
    Have fun and the best to you & your sweetie, I' d like to hear how it goes with every body else as well.
  • try here []

    ...May not be the most romantic (or geeky, in the slashdot sence) thing in the world, but the title fits :)


  • Oh wow. Take a look at this, and tell me it isn't perfect.

    LED heart []!!!


  • I went out and found a soft toy which looked remarkably like my GF's (rather unusual) hearing dog, Jess. Stuffed it into a box with a sticker saying "Caution: Small dog in transit" - The post office must have shaken it and decided that it was either dead or not a real dog as the package arrived unmolested.

    Oh and not forgetting the handmade card :)

    Aparently both the GF and Jess liked it.

    And this is my pathetic attempt to make up for not being around on the day itself. I am not worthy of her.

  • Think Geek []
    Nothing says love like a slashdot T-shirt
  • Just about anything can be a terrific Valentine's celebration. My SO used to take me to Burger King because it was a tradition with us.

    Just make sure that you don't ignore the opportunity. Any idea is better than being empty handed.

    In my case geeky-ness was bravado. And I sincerely doubt anyone would be offended to get a traditional gift. Like dinner out, flowers, or chocolate.

    Weirdly enough, I'm irritated that I don't get anything for any of these holidays. I don't even like flowers. What I hate is the idea that I'm not worth the trouble anymore.

  • I've had the best results not by giving gifts, but by doing things.

    One thing that works is you get rose petals and roses, and put them around their room, computer desk, etc. One good thing is that, if they are a geek, they will probably be checking their e-mail as they are trying to wake up. So put some flowers around their computer and change their desktop pattern.

    Turning obselete hardware into something nice is always popular, of course. ;)

    But you should also just generally do some nice things for your valentine, and this works for even geeks. You just need to change the paramters of what you do. Providing them with what they would consider a nice dinner out is good for just about everybody.

    And if you forget about the obligatory valentines day huggle and snuggle, you deserve to be a dateless one-handed IRCer. ;)
  • ROFL ... very true! Gimme gimme.

  • You call it BSD? That's geeky!
  • Yep, it's perfect. I almost got one - print out something interesting, glue it to a piece of cardboard and poke some holes in it and attach the flashing heart to it. But I didn't since I don't have anyone to give it to this year. But last year I got away with just sending an email. ASCII art rules! A nice ASCII rose or heart(or both!) works fairly well. Both times it got a good response...
  • Download her favourite tunes from napster (be quick), burn em onto a cd, scan some picture of you both for a cover and hand it over
  • If your valentine is a woman, try the
    orgasm device [].

    You will have more time for all-night coding sessions.

    If you are worrried about the device substituting you, you could add some crypto so that it only runs under the proper authorization.
  • you mean spent alone with a case of good beer, wallowing in self-pity and tomorrow morning's hangover
  • How about jewellery made from computer parts? Years ago a boyfriend gave me a burned-out simm which I made into a hairclip (you can buy the hairclip-backs in any fabric/crafts shop, then add some strong plastic fishing twine and glue, and you're set). This was my favorite hairclip for years, until I cut all my hair off and can't use it any more. Earrings shouldn't be hard to make either - again, the earring bits are available in any craft store. And you made it yourself! Big bonus points.

    Does she need any hardware? I got a modem once from a boyfriend for Christmas ... that was another good present. OK, not so romantic in and of itself, but send her lots of loving emails over it and it could be...

    One geeky thing I did once was put up a custom web page with a single red rose (animated gif, slowly rotated) and picture of a candle on a wooden crate, with romantic message and invitation to dinner that night (which I cooked) ... went over really well.

    (Now if only I could find a nice geeky guy who'd appreciate all that effort! :p The best Valentine's Day I've spent to date was the one I spent in the university computer lab learning web page design.) [sulks]

    Whatever you decide on I'm sure it'll be fine. But think about making some part of it yourself - even if it's just a web page - it really shows you took the effort and it means so much more!

    ... Pentapod

  • by NewWazoo ( 2508 ) <{bkmatt} {at} {}> on Sunday February 11, 2001 @07:17PM (#439197) Homepage
    I know this may sound a tad wierd, but how about dedicating your entire day to your s.o.? When my girlfriend and I want to celebrate something, or even just feel close, we will take a day off work/school and do things we both enjoy.

    If you live near Washington, D.C., how about visiting the Smithsonian museums? Or any museums in your area? Here in Tallahassee, FL, geeks (and normals) can go on tours of the National High Magnetic Field Lab (full of cool geeky equipment!) Or perhaps even just going to a book store and letting him/her run free to choose any book on any topic, without a budget? And while he/she is looking, how about picking up some sort of game book (like card games, or the like)? It's a great way to kill a day!

    I often find that just spending time is often the best gift, and that the material posessions gained along the way are just icing on the cake.

    The New Wazoo
    ("...yes sir, I am 17 years old.")
  • by Raptor CK ( 10482 ) on Monday February 12, 2001 @06:00AM (#439198) Journal
    See! This proves it!

    "Girls don't even like that kind of stuff, man. They want RAM. []"

  • by cr0sh ( 43134 ) on Monday February 12, 2001 @09:27AM (#439199) Homepage
    And your SO is geeky enough to accept and appreciate it...

    Make an electronic heart - get a piece of perfboard, a bunch of red LEDs (and other assorted electronic parts - bias resistors, etc) - and wire up a electronic heart.

    Use red-flashing LEDs for a trippy effect (might be expensive, but so is a diamond ring). If you are really good set it up to make a rotating pattern with the LEDs (like a marquee). If you want to try something even better, get a 16x1 HD44780 based LCD, a PIC stamp - have the PIC drive everything, put the LCD in the center, and put a scrolling message ("I Love You!" or similar) on it. Or put a picture of you in the middle of it...

    One thing I did for Valentines day - because my GF isn't as geeky - was I built an automaton - a box with wheels and belts, pulleys, etc - and waving hearts on the top - powered by a little motor. I made it so you could remove the panels - it was all built out of balsa wood, painted - the whole thing - took about a month to construct and tune. She loves it to this very day (that was a few years back).

    Really - anything you take time on, given with your heart - is what you want to give. Something that really says "I love you" - it could be as simple as a card you made - or a piece of jewelry, or a romantic evening out. Take the time and thought - and you will have a day to remember...

    Worldcom [] - Generation Duh!
  • by Wog ( 58146 ) on Sunday February 11, 2001 @07:44PM (#439200)
    Valentine's Day tends to be just another day for me

    Where I come from, it's called bitter singles day. It's usually best spent at home, alone, wallowing in self pity and the anguish of your loneliness.

    Have a good one! :)

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