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Things You Can Do with a TV-Elite IR Kit? 10

man_ls asks: "I have a TVElite kit that no longer works. It was used for displaying my computer monitor on both a TV and computer at the same time. It came with an infared attachment to allow you to use the remote to control the volume on both devices at the same time, that seems to be made by EMC. Inside is an IR connector, an EMC IC, a serial connector, and an infared receiver I think. Does anyone have any more information about some 'fun' things I could do with this? (such as an IrDA for my desktop computer)"
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Things You Can Do with a TV-Elite IR Kit?

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  • EMC? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by crow ( 16139 ) on Monday October 22, 2001 @01:51PM (#2460761) Homepage Journal
    What exactly indicates that it was made by EMC? Could it be that you are seeing a corporate inventory sticker indicating that it was owned by EMC? I'm particularly curious about this, as I work at EMC [] in Hopkinton, MA.

    FYI, you get 764 results on Google with "TV Elite," mostly people selling the product, such as: []. If you search on "TV Elite" and "EMC," you don't get anything.

    • The logic chip on the IR board says "EMC" and has a model number which I can't read because it's faded on it. I'm thinking I can use this to construct an infared GraphLink cable for TI calcualtors, but I'll have to do some voltage testing and such to find out which pins go to which part of the TI cable.
    • Hitachi's 9900 kicks the shit out of anything you guys have. EMC sucks.

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