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Google Zeitgeist, and Moorhuhn Chicken? 9

dcd asks: "It is interesting from time to time to look at what others are searching for using Google Zeitgeist The number 2 gaining request was for Moorhuhn3, which seems to be a freeware game that is popular in Germany. Searching for 'moorhuhn linux' brings up this page which when translated on google are directions and links to play it on Linux using WINE. Now two questions come to mind: Has anyone found a 'real-time' method to find out what is actively being searched for on google (I think alta-vista used to do this); Has anyone tried this freeware game, and was it interesting? For the curious, here's another web page describing this game and Linux." Back in a time before Google, I used Metacrawler for searches and that had Metaspy which I think is a good example of what the submittor is describing. I haven't tried this Moorhuhn Chicken game, but after visiting the sites, I must say it looks intriguing.
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Google Zeitgeist, and Moorhuhn Chicken?

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  • Moorhuhn. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by j.e.hahn ( 1014 )
    About 18 months ago a couple friends of mine went on tour with an industrial band (as supporting members) in Germany. (Which is one of few places industrial bands can actually make money... but I digress.)

    They brought back with them moorhuhn. A sickeningly catchy and amazingly addictive little game. The whole premise is to blow this bird out of the sky with a gun. There's even a music video and a song. My friend has the CD and I have to admit it is catchy.

    Apparently in Germany Moorhuhn was (if it isn't any longer I can't say.) a major hit. It's quite the pop phenomenon. And it's definitely worth playing at least twice.

  • Downloads... (Score:2, Informative)

    by XRayX ( 325543 )
    Moorhuhn 1 []
    Moorhuhn 2 []
    Files for Moorhuhn 1 + 2 are hosted at The Download should work.

    You need the following Download Key to download Moorhuhn 3 here:
    291266278 1683183438 49253583
    I hope all the links work...
  • MacMoorhuhn ! (Score:1, Informative)

    by arska ( 145934 )
    Page at versiontracker: here []

    Homepage with Download: here []
  • Ah, metaspy, that's a fun page. I once made an Eggdrop script that used that page, it's a good source for generating strange random things.
  • Google's Zeigeist page is interesting but it is incomplete. Google excludes any "adult" searches from this page, despite the fact that such words often warrant it. I can understand why Google does this (they are a mainstream company), but I don't like the fact that they don't mention this exclusion anywhere on the page. There may also be other categories of words excluded, but I am only aware of adult.

    I'm only aware of two places where you can see what people are searching for live. The first, as mentioned above, is Meta Spy. The second is the Ask Jeeves Peekhole []. There used to be a third one, but Excite took that offline earlier this month.

    Also, the Gnutella client Limewire [] has a feature where you can see the live queries as they come down the wire.

    Here are a few other interesting keyword research links. They're not real time, but why would you want that anyways? You'll get a much better idea of what people are searching for by looking at a larger period of time than you're able to do with a live search.

  • Google themselves have a way of monitoring search times, as can be seen in this photo [].

    I imagine they intentionally don't make it available to the public, though.

  • Danny Sullivan has the best list of realtime and delayed voyeur sites I've found so far at his What people search for [] page.

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