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What's Your Halloween Costume? 42

Mr. Penguin asks: "I'm wondering what other Slashdot fans are wearing today for Halloween. I didn't do the tech geek thing, but I did go all out. I'm sitting at my desk right now wearing chain mail, a leather brigadine, a beautiful leather cloak, and English riding boots. Girded at my side is my longsword, and after work, I think I'll head down to the tavern and drink some ale in my leather mug. What do you have on?"
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What's Your Halloween Costume?

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  • In a fit of mostly desparation but a little inspiration, I decided to go as Death... after he lost his .com job (from, of course). Basically it consists of all black clothes and a little face-paint, plus Death's resume (50,000+ years of death-related experience, 2 years as VP of Death Affiars at

    Geeks in the Valley seem fairly appreciative, but they keep telling me that my resume will be put "on file" and that they'll "get back to me" and I shouldn't call them.
  • I am pants-free man! The one brave enough to free himself of the confines of lower body clothing! Bow before me!


  • I'm sitting at my desk right now wearing chain mail, a leather brigadine , a beautiful leather cloak, and English riding boots. Girded at my side is my longsword, and after work, I think I'll head down to the tavern and drink some ale in my leather mug. What do you have on?
    Kind of reminds me of The Big U ( here [] and right here []) by Neal Stephenson. A real Fred Fine vibe going on.
  • I am going to equip myself with *every item* from thinkgeek strapped to my torso in one form or the other. I think that the general geek aura (think: radiation) sent off by all of these devices when turned on would discourage any ruffians.
  • "What do you have on?"

    Man, does this sound like somebody hoping to get phone-sex like satisfaction? Sorry ain't getting that from a bunch of geeks...

  • I'm currently dressed as a Jedi Knight. I have the shirt, vest, belt, robe, light saber, etc. One advantage of being a Jedi is that they're expected to have all kinds of techno-doodads on their utility belts, which provides a convenient excuse for including things like cellphones and pagers in a costume. Just try that with your medaeval outfit.

    • Huh? Are you a Jedi or a Stormtrooper? Or Batman? I don't get it.

      The only thing I ever saw on a Jedi's belt (which doesn't look like any kind of "utility belt" to me, more like a strip of burlap) is a lightsaber.

      Not to say that they don't have cool shit with them, but I've never seen one with a utility belt. Maybe that happens in the books. I'm not into the books.

  • I have a cowboy hat made for a 8 year old for a costume. It even says sheriff on it. yay for me.
  • I used to go around on halloween as "Normal College Guy," but this year I decided to update my costume; I am now dressed as a grad student. :-P
    • If you're anything like the rest of us grad students, your new look is much worse than last year. I used to think I was poor when I was paying my way through undergrad. Now, I'm getting paid to go to school and I find myself without a dime. $1400 a month sounds like a lot for a stipend; but it really doesn't go very far in the end.

      I actually used to wear button-up shirts and khakis/dockers every day for class as an undergrad. Now, I wear a Hanes T-shirt (6 in a pack for a few bucks), old worn out jeans, and a tattered hat. I just can't afford to go out and buy those $20 shirts anymore. Most grad students I know do similar things--it's our way of saying "we're hungry, feed us more please" instead of going on strike or something.

  • I just tell people I'm a disgruntled computer admin. They don't seem to get it... as it's not much of a change from daily life.
  • by unitron ( 5733 ) on Wednesday October 31, 2001 @07:51PM (#2505006) Homepage Journal
    What could be scarier than looking like Jon Katz?
  • The night sky (Score:3, Interesting)

    by sulli ( 195030 ) on Wednesday October 31, 2001 @07:55PM (#2505020) Journal
    I bought some of those stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars from the Discovery Channel store, and will attempt to wear a fairly accurate map of the night sky as of midnight tonight (incl. the blue moon). The only remaining task is to find lights to stand under from time to time, so it can continue to glow.
  • Death/The Grim Reaper/Your Mother-in-Law, is my costume for the year...all i had to do was bust out my spare holocaust cloak, pickup some face paint and drove to the farm implement store to pick up a scythe. Simple, classic, and cool enaough to not completely embarass my son...

    (no Im not on the brute squad, i AM the brute squad!)

  • My roommate's costume this year was a t-shirt that said "Costume" in scary letters - pretty amusing.
  • I gathered together all of the other pieces of hardware I could find. Mainly old motherboards and cards. Stuff from 8088's, 286's, 386's, and even some 486's. I used hotglue to fashion it into a torso suit, thigh-pads, gloves, and a helmet of sorts. It's as geeky as you can get. And the way I see it, I'm setting a new trend. In 100 yrs when all the landfills are filled with old hardware, a lot of people are going to be wearing clothes like this.
  • As a member of the SCA [], I always have plenty of medieval clothing to wear. I admit that I'm being a bit lame--it's much like a Civil War re-enactor dressing up as an Confederate soldier; it's a great outfit, but it's not something I had to go out of my way to get ahold of.
    • Agreed. I've been to many costume parties (not revels) put on by fellow members where you are not allowed to come in garb. Usually works, but there was a 60's theme party where no one came as hippies and everyone showed as riot police. 'Says a lot about how our minds work alike...

  • I wore a shirt the Microsoft rep gave me.

    - Freed
  • I wrote Tom Daschle's office address on a
    white t-shirt, drew on a stamp, and had hot
    chicks throw talcum powder at me on the
    dancefloor. Well, just off the dancefloor,
    it was more of a pit at the time.

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