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Where Have the Unix RIP2 Daemons Gone? 13

Michael Gantz asks: "What are people using for RIP2 support under Unix? It looks very bleak out there; Mrt is sitting on SourceForge and appears to have not been maintained for some time. Gated has gone commercial. What's left? I realize RIP2 is not the most advanced protocol but it's very usefull in many situations."
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Where Have the Unix RIP2 Daemons Gone?

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  • by nneul ( 8033 ) <> on Sunday November 11, 2001 @09:49PM (#2552279) Homepage
    It's at From that web page:

    What is GNU Zebra?

    GNU Zebra is free software (distributed under GNU Generic Public License) that manages TCP/IP based routing protocols. It supports BGP-4 protocol as described in RFC1771 (A Border Gateway Protocol 4) as well as RIPv1, RIPv2 and OSPFv2. Unlike traditional, Gated based, monolithic architectures and even the so-called "new modular architectures" that remove the burden of processing routing functions from the cpu and utilize special ASIC chips instead, Zebra software offers true modularity.

    Zebra is unique in its design in that it has a process for each protocol. Zebra uses multithread technology under multithread supported UNIX kernels. However it can be run under non-multithread supported UNIX kernels. Thus Zebra provides flexibility and reliability.

    Each module can be upgraded independently of the others, allowing for quick upgrades as well as protection from the case of a failure in one protocol affecting the entire system.

    Zebra is intended to be used as a Route Server and a Route Reflector. Zebra is not a toolkit, it provides full routing power under a new architecture.

  • Routing Daemons (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Paranoid ( 12863 )
    Gated has indeed gone commercial, however the older free version is still available (check BSD archives).

    Zebra, as has already been mentioned, does RIP2, among other things.

    Bird is another alternative which does RIP2.

    I personally prefer bird, because I want only OSPF (IPv4 and IPv6), so the extra weight of zebra is lost on me. (oo big to easily embed)
  • Zebra DOES NOT do EIGRP, nor will it ever I would guess.

    EIGRP is Cisco proprietry routing protocol.

    Refer : to_doc/en_igrp.htm

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    WAN/LAN Networking Consultant

    Email : [mailto] []

  • Where have all the Unix RIP2 Daemons gone?
    Long time passing ...
    Where have all the Unix RIP2 Daemons gone?
    Long time ago ...
    Where have all the Unix RIP2 Daemons gone?
    Gone to BGP4, everyone.
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?
  • Seriously.

    OSPF isn't much harder to configure than RIPv2 and solves a lot of the RIP-type problems that v2 didn't such as count-to-infinity loops and slow convergence.

    As others have already mentioned Zebra and GateD, I won't be redundant and give you a URL. Both of these do OSPF in addition to RIPv2.

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