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Locating Used Sun Enterprise 10000s For Sale? 27

AtariDatacenter asks: "My employer is having trouble, outside of eBay, locating used Sun Enterprise 10000 servers for sale. (In fact, they approved asking Slashdot for ideas.) Anyone have any good ideas on sourcing used E10ks?"
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Locating Used Sun Enterprise 10000s For Sale?

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  • by intuition ( 74209 ) on Friday November 30, 2001 @07:59AM (#2635659) Homepage

    What is wrong with ebay?

    I find for more expensive items it is a good way to find some contacts. (rather than actually executing the sale)

  • by ratatosk ( 136637 ) on Friday November 30, 2001 @08:02AM (#2635663) Homepage
    I'm guessing you've already tried: Recurrent [] SunSurplus [] and of course Sun's Certified Remanufactured Systems []

  • Is this the same EDS tha Private Eye keeps writing about?
    And by the way the link in the story should be EDS []
  • I was sent to inventory some equipment at a company that my employer gave a few loans to. They were a VC and went under unfortunalty for them and my employer as they still had 1-3 years to go on the loans.

    Long story shortened, to cover outstanding debts with creditors, like us, they had an auction run, and attracted a lot of people. Some stuff went dirt cheep, and some went way over the cost of buying it new. They had 15-20 E450 servers, a single 6500 server, and a 10,000 server among many other pricy toys I would just want to hold for a few minutes.

    Check out auctioners and also some used resellers, but used resellers usualy let the Sun hardware go for a few bucks cheeper than new.

    Also, consider the relationship with Sun if you want a support contract. If you buy it from Sun or a Sun dealer, Sun likes you. If you buy used, your requests are often put on the back burner, or so I've been told.

    FYI, the Auction Co. was Paul E. Saperstine, and they can be found on the web at
  • by djweis ( 4792 ) on Friday November 30, 2001 @10:31AM (#2636144) Homepage
    Part of the reason for the scarcity is because Sun (and other companies like Cisco) go to auctions and other places that machines like this are sold used and buy them, either to refurb themselves or to dispose of/sit on. All of the companies going out of business and dumping their equipment is killing the new market. Even if Sun buys a machine for the same cost as they would sell it to you, their numbers look better in terms of new machine sales.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      either to refurb themselves or to dispose of/sit on

      So, that's what sun 10K's are being used for nowadays? I'll look forward to seeing one in my local park!
  • Most of these systems were purchased by LARGE companies of Sun's (I know, I used to contract for Sun), and chances are that if they phased them out, Sun bought them back out of their contract and and are re-selling them as remanufactured or refurbed. I woudlnt imagine these would be very easy to find, even on eBay.
  • Check the newsgroups (Score:2, Informative)

    by rgraham ( 199829 )
    Look at comp.sys.sun.* I see FS postings for E10K's not all that infrequently, and you could of course post a WTB (Want To Buy).
  • You by chance need an experienced adminstrator for one of these? I'm certified in them and have about 2 years of experience with them.
  • A member of my family has been with Sun and Cray for as long as this product has existed as Tier 1 hardware admin and system admin support for the vendor. He is available as of 2 weeks ago. Midwest US location.

    Send me an email to get his contact info. Remove "NOSPAM" from my email address.
  • E10k for $200k (Score:2, Interesting)

    by uid100 ( 540265 )
    I was verbally quoted a 336mhz equipped E10k for $200k from - tell them that ultra-60 from nebraska sent you
  • by Anonymous Coward
    An E10k is expensive to support and has numerous single points of failure. My company switched from a room full of servers to a handful of E10ks and have had a lot of problems since. If this is a production environment and cost is a factor, I would look hard at other options (E6500, a rack full of E420s, etc)
  • Does anyone know the approximate value of a 2x366 Sun Enterprise 3000?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    They seem to be hurting for cash, maybe they'll sell you some. =]
  • Try DoveBid (Score:2, Informative)

    by dirkx ( 540136 )
    Try dovebid: []. We've had a lot of luck with them. They are the sort of auctioneer who does the whole of WebVan, AlliedSteel or larger.
  • Try the ads in Processor Magazine [].
  • I just turned in about 500 pieces of old sun equipment today... the things weren't 10k's, but were definitely useful to someone.
    Check your phone book for Defense Reutilization Management Office, or call a nearby military base and speak to someone in the communications squadron/unit to ask where you can go. EDS should have some of that info, considering the fact that they work many military contracts. The info may be in another division, though...
    If you need info, e-mail me.

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