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Halloween Costumes for 2002? 123

sukottoX asks: "The creepy yet fun holiday of Halloween is just a few weeks away. I'm wondering what sorts of costumes the Slashdot community is planning to wear to this year's Halloween parties (or to trick-or-treating for the younger readers). Looks like this year's big movies, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter are gonna be pretty popular. I went as Nick Burns last year (MOVE!). Anyone have some good suggestions?"
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Halloween Costumes for 2002?

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  • me.Women weep and children cry when I go by already,no need for a stinkin' costume.
  • Well... (Score:5, Funny)

    by Arminius ( 84868 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @06:51AM (#4401622) Homepage
    I am still trying to track down the elusive CowboyNeal costume. I was going to go as CmdrTaco, but I just wanna scare the kids, not make 'em cry. :)
    • lol That's a pretty shitty thing to say ;) There is no need to lie, the kids would only get a little nausia.. with all the scary tv shows today i don't think a little deformity will make anyone cry.
  • Nick Burns (Score:2, Funny)

    by seinman ( 463076 )
    Admit it, the only reason you went as Nick Burns is because you didn't have to dress up for it anyway.
  • Aragorn, Son of Arathorn, who wields Orcrist, the Blade Which Was Broken and Forged Again.
    • Re:I will go as (Score:3, Informative)

      by pete-classic ( 75983 )
      What the fuck? He wields Narsil (renamed Anduril when it was re-forged).

      Thorin took up Orcist, which is the sister blade to Gandalf's Glamdring, both discovered in the troll-horde.

    • Skilful troll. It's this kind of quality workmanship that brings me back, time and time again, to slashdot. A good tps12 post makes all those lame "w00t! fr0st p1st" posts bearable.
  • Our Lord (Score:5, Funny)

    by President Chimp Toe ( 552720 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @07:10AM (#4401662)
    I was holidaying in San fransisco a couple of years ago during halloween, and I have to say, you USians do the whole thing a damn site better than us europeans.

    The best costume I saw was this guy dressed as Jesus. We saw him walking to the nightclub with barefeet and only a white cloth draped around his privates, a crown of thorns, and a life size cross over his shoulder. Arriving at the nightclub, he immediatly got in a heated argument with someone dressed as the devil. He then spent the rest of the night tied to his cross, swaying in the middle of the dancefloor.

    Later that night, we were desperately trying to get a cab home.... and we saw jesus walk past, cross over shoulder. "Hey, jesus" I shouted "can you get us a cab???"

    "In this town, thats one miracle even I cant peform."
    • That wasn't Jesus. It was his less successful brother, Ed.

      Ed has "issues".
    • A couple years ago, I hung myself in the archway to my door. My feet were about half a meter off the ground, and, the only thing supporting me was the rope comming from behind my head... (It in reality went down to a harness, rather than just around my neck)... The looks on some of the parent's face was classic, and, I do have to admit, I think I scared more adults than kids that night... This year, I'm planning on doing the same thing again, only, much better... I have a real harness this years instead of having to tye my own using hemp ropa (Yeeeeowch, that stuch chaifs), so I'll be more comfortable, and, of course, it'll look a little more real...

      Here's a pic from the last time... .jpg

    • My aunt used to be head of PR @ Oracle in San Fran, and one time she went to a costume party and this guy was there dressed as a cop. He stopped off somewhere at a convenience store to get a doughnut, a cup of coffee, and a pack of cigarettes. The clerk behind the counter looked at him rather oddly and said to him, "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to charge you for the cigarettes."

      Is this a great country or what?

    • Sounds like an average Friday in the Castro.
  • ... for New Year I went as a robot in honour of Robot Frank []. IIRC there are some photos of what he did one halloween himself on his site.
    For halloween two years ago I went as a werewolf, with all the fangs, hair etc. I got drunk and tried scaring all the passengers on a bus. Unlucky for me, it turned out that one of them was my mother and she recognised me straight away! One of the more embarrassing moments of my life...
  • ...but I'll still wear it anyhow.
  • I'm guessing blue or black jeans with a T-shirt from ThinkGeek []? Why should Halloween be any different? :-P

  • by jalet ( 36114 )
    I think I'll just wear a George Walker Bush mask.
      whoa, i think my heart just skipped a beat or two while reading that.

      Of course if you were going to spit out some of his quotes all night long you'd have people peeing their pants from laughing so hard.
  • I was thinking of dressing as spigot from jerkcity. I don't know why, seemed like a fun costume.
  • A Pirate (Score:5, Funny)

    by DeadSea ( 69598 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @07:55AM (#4401747) Homepage Journal

    I'm going to dress up as a pirate. I'll have a steering wheel mounted on my crotch.

    If anybody asks I'll say, "Arrghhh... Its driving me nuts!".

    • hehe, I always loved that joke.

      anyone know any other completely offtopic pirate jokes that they would like to burn up some karma with?
      • anyone know any other completely offtopic pirate jokes that they would like to burn up some karma with?

        Well, I posted this one [] yesterday.

      • I'm a little pirate,
        Short and Fat.
        Here is my Eye-patch,
        here is my hat.

        When I pulled the cork out,
        The ship - it sank!
        That's when they made me
        Walk the plank.

        (tune of little tea pot)
      • Ah, why the hell not...

        Did you hear about the new pirate movie? It's rated Arrrrrr...

      • This is really lame, but if done right it can get a laugh.

        Q.arrrrr, what is a pir8's (pronounced like that) favorite number?
        A. either, nooooo, it is 8 or ayyyy, that be correct

        follow up
        Q. ARRRRRR, what be a pirates favorite letter
        everyone will answer R and think your a jackass
        A. Noooo, it is Q

        It makes me laugh anyway.
    • I went to Michigan this last summer with my brother, and he told me that joke at least three times a day for the week we were there. And I had almost forgotten it, too. Thanks a lot for reminding me. Bastard.
    • You should hand out CDs to everyone you meet. If anyone asks what your costume is supposed to be, just tell them you are a music pirate. Just make sure you don't run into someone dressed as Hilary Rosen...


    • ...into my costume only really leaves me one option: dress as a mummy, and lurch around on one foot.

      I haven't yet figured out how I'm going to work the crutches into the costume.

  • by figjamjam ( 121274 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @08:02AM (#4401772) Homepage
    ... the comic book guy from the simpsons.

    No costume required for me.
  • As a goth, I normally wear a traditional costume (I'm a Bavarian) or flashy bright colors... both are equally spooky and damaging to ones' taste neurons, IMHO ;-)

    "Oh, what a nice halloween costume !" - "Uhm, oh, it's halloween again ? Actually I'm just on my way to disco..." (conversation between my girl-friend and her neighbour two years ago)

  • I am trying to construct my very own Cyberman costume ala Dr. Who ... Any suggestions? Anyone done this, have tips? --f00f the pentium bug
  • by XoXus ( 12014 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @09:05AM (#4402010)
    Why not dress up as a CEO of a large corporation?
  • Anyone know where I can get a giant cotton swab?
  • by theinfobox ( 188897 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @09:19AM (#4402065) Homepage Journal
    If you work at a publicly traded or SEC regulated company... Go to work on Halloween as an SEC inspector. Back in 1999, I did this at the company I worked for. It was a financial company and the letters S-E-C always scared them anyway. I won the prize for scariest costume and once the CEO found out, he told his secretary not to even let me walk by his office. And when he gave out the different prizes, he flipped me off instead of shaking my hand. It was hilarious. And with today's "corporate cilmate", I'm sure a lot of companies would react the same way. The costume is easy... Just wear a suit and make a name badge and some business cards with the SEC logo on it.
  • how to stop all those little beggars from ringing the doorbell and asking for a handout all night long.

    Halloween Every Day: George Bush's new welfare policy.

  • I've always wondered what to do with a lab coat I have left over from my college days which I don't use anymore. For some reason, I keep thinking of using it as part of a Halloween costume, along with some Herman Munster-esque face paint, and an 8-inch afro wig. With a hair pick. I could just roam about, saying "slap mah 'fro!" repeatedly. Yeah.

    Other than that, people keep saying that I have a Middle Eastern look; this is usually uttered by Middle Eastern people. As a result, I have at some time or another entertained the idea of dressing up in a turban with a long grey beard and a bullseye painted on the back. A true-scale toy AK-47 rifle would come in handy to complete the overall effect.

    • Last year at a Halloween party I saw a guy dressed as Hitler with a sign that said "Public Enemy #2". Duane
  • by HughsOnFirst ( 174255 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @10:32AM (#4402572)
    When I was in art school, I once had a costume that was " the crisis in existential thought " ( there was some ongoing argument among the grad students that provided the context that made this hilarious to my peers )

    If I were going to a Geek oriented halloween party I would go as an uninitialized pointer.

    You could get away with just about anything you wanted to wear ot not wear. For extra points you could abruptly change costumes or try to wear other peoples costumes. Declaring the beverage area "address zero" and constantly going there or sending others there could be part of the costume.

    Of course if you aren't careful people will just think you are just a jerk who forgot their costume, and is drinking all the beer.
    • Hey, even better, why not go as "rm -rf"? Just go over to the party and throw everybody out, and don't answer any questions about what is going on. Oh, and then I guess you'd have to delete the "directory" as well, so you'd need to burn the house down. Hmmm, I'm going to re-think this and get back to you.
  • Personally,I'm going as Ricky Martin.

    I'm wearing a black T-shirt, black jeans, and a Puerto Rician flag around one arm. Then I'm going to yell:

    "livin la vida loca"
    "shake your bon-bon"
    and other such things. I may also shake my own bon-bon. I haven't decided yet.
  • I went as SpongeBob [] last year and got a good response (it only took me 18 hours to paint a cardboard box to look like him), so I would like to go as another cartoon character this year. My g/f is going as Bubbles [], which fits her personality perfectly (and voice, and hair color). I think I'll probably go as Dexter []. The geekness would fit me perfectly.
  • by Shalome ( 566988 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @10:45AM (#4402678) Homepage
    9mm Special Effects [] has all the creepy contact lenses you could ever want, even in prescription. I highly recommend the Black Sclera lenses. They sure scared the shit outta my neighbor when he saw them. ;) They're a bit pricey, but the ones we've gotten are super-high quality. You can get cheaper versions (not all available in prescription though) at VisionDirect [].

    Then there's Teeth By Dnash [], where you can get custom-fit and custom-color fangs and claws. These things are amazing, handcrafted, and again, super-high quality.

    If you need makeup, don't get the cheap crap. Get Ben Nye theatrical makeup. It won't smear or melt the way the cheap stuff does.

    Of course, this stuff is only for people who take Halloween very seriously, like me!
  • We're dressing up our 16 month old son as this [].
  • the year before I went as Marylin Monroe, and the year before that, Betty Page. There's nothing like a straight guy dressing like female sex symbols to show how wierd he is.

    This year I'm thinking Michelangelo's David, in spite of the fact that I'm not nearly tall enough. Oh well, any excuse to be naked.
  • Did this a couple years ago, found out severl people were going as lions, so I became the lion's cage. Only took a few mintues with some cardboard to make and it looked cool

    Unfortunatly I couldn't get any of the cute lions to enter it with me, but I tried.

    • by schon ( 31600 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @12:31PM (#4403577)
      found out severl people were going as lions

      I once went as a lion, but I wore a polka-dot shirt and pants, and carried a sign that read "do not feed".

      When people asked me what I was, I said I was just carrying the "Sign on the dotted lion."

      Another time I wrapped myself in tinfoil and wore a chicken head.

      Nobody got that one at all - (Silver Poulet)
  • My girlfriend and I are planning on going as Lilo and Stitch. Unfortunately, as it's probably not very likely to find a Stitch costume that fits me, I'm probably going to have to go as Lilo. :-/
  • I want to go in my birthday suit......why?
  • by jjshoe ( 410772 )
    if you realy want to scare your computer nerd friends dress up in fbi gear and shout "raid" before entering, run to the nearest computer and act like your siezing it :)

    or you could yell dmca agent

    on a lighter note i hope the gf will go as a maid and i can be her dog on a leash ;)

  • Three ideas... (Score:5, Informative)

    by MrIcee ( 550834 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @12:57PM (#4403760) Homepage
    Here are three ideas for what to wear.

    First, one year a good friend of mine, while attending a party, dressed as a Christmas Tree. He basically wore a green hooded pullover, and wrapped lights from his head all the way down, and added a few ornaments and tinsel... he would walk around the room, from outlet to outlet, plug himself in and talk to people... then move to another outlet. He one top prize.

    Second idea... go as a Hollywood Special Effect. Here's how to do this. Obtain an inexpensive color lcd (like a portable color LCD tv, or digital camera viewfinder). Obtain an inexpensive color micro-camera. Take a jean jacket and mount the camera in the back (under the jacket) so that it sees out a small hole out of the back of the jacket. Mount the LCD on the front of the jacket so that you only see the LCD (I'd cut a large hole that is just a bit smaller than the LCD itself). Turn it on. Now... what is behind you will be shown on the LCD - it SHOULD look like you have a gaping hole in your body (think Terminator 2 here).

    Third idea... this is actually a pretty standard magic trick (spoiler included). The trick is basically to make it look like you have needles and pins sticking through your body (think horror film, or punk rocker, etc...). It requires large needles and safety pins, a little vegetable oil and rubber cement.

    Let's do it on the inner wrist for our first example. Take a large needle and lightly coat it in vegitable oil. Take a bit of rubber cements and brush it in about a 2 inch square area on the inside of your wrist. Wait a few seconds for the rubber cement to begin to get dry. Lay the needle in the middle of the rubber cements and with one finger, push down on the needle and with your other fingers fold your skin OVER the needle so that the rubber cement on either side of the needle, on your skin, stick together. Hold your skin pinced in this way for about a minute. When you release your skin, the rubber cement will form a *new skin* that is over the needle. The effect is that the needle is going through your arm. With the vegi oil, you can actually twist (carefully) the needle and remove it from the hole, that means you can thread it, and reinsert it (really gross). Don't forget ketchup to complete the effect. The same effect can be applied to any *faty* portion of your body where your not too taunt that you can't pinch your skin (e.g, pins in the face etc). I almost made a VP of a company pass out with this one (another VP started dialing 911 to get me emergency help and I had to yell... it's just a joke it's just a joke).

  • The Futurama version. Not really scary, but very violent.
  • At the time of writing, there is no more comments.

    PLEASE POST MORE!!! I need ideas. (Thanks)

  • Doctors. (Score:3, Funny)

    by _ph1ux_ ( 216706 ) on Monday October 07, 2002 @01:38PM (#4404191)
    If you have 3 or 8 friends - you should all dress up as doctors - then tell people that you are "4 out of 5 doctors agree" or "9 out of 10 doctors recommend"

    and go around agreeing with everything - or recommending everything.
  • Look at some of these Halloween Costumes [].
  • For some reason, the following (stupid) idea popped straight into my head when I read the post:

    Cover yourself with the Halloween docs [] and go rampaging forth through the streets...

    Sometimes I amaze even myself at my level of sadness.
    • Or maybe go door to door saying "I've got a treat for you!" and pass out the docs and Debian discs []. Oh, and you migh want to try to explain what the docs are (proof that M$ is evil), why you're passing out discs(cause you're a geek), and that the clothes you're wearing are the same ones you usually do (or don't ;).
  • I'll look just like Buddy Holly...

    Now if I can find myself a Mary Tyler Moore, I'll be set!
  • Go as The Receiver from! I honestly can't think of anything more terrifying. Make a giant fake anus out of papier-maché or something. Hey, it beats having to carry a bag to put your candy in (OK, I'll shut up now).
  • Scare your republican friends. Go as a weapon of mass distraction... er destruction.
  • Last year I did a turn as Bender. I painted a (plastic) garbage can silver and made some arms and legs with the stuff they make clothsdryer ventilation from. It worked and I got to tell people to bite my shiny metal ass.

    This year I'm going as a Dirt Devil, a joke that I expect absolutely no one to get.

  • Quickest costume I ever made, and to my astonishment it won me 2nd place in a contest. All you need is a box of safety pins, your laundry and an old t-shirt. Be sure to mix whites and colors. Starting at the bottom of the t-shirt, pin on articles of clothing and work your way up. Higher items should partially overlap lower ones to hide the pins. Pin the topmost items on from the inside, and put a couple socks up around the neck area. You want your head to be sticking out of the pile. In about 10 minutes you will have what looks like a heap of laundry. Carefully slide into the t-shirt, put a (clean) pair of undershorts on your head, and you are good to go.
  • I once wore this. Get a white trash bag and cut arm and head holes a la emergency poncho. Put it on, and cinch up the bottom at your waist by tying it at the side with a twist-tie, but leave it nice and baggy above there. Stuff the bag (through the head hole) with reasonably clean trash, colorful pop cans and wrappers work well. Voila, "white trash."
  • How about wearing a giant vagina [] (it is a work-safe link to abc news)??
    Just don't wear it to school like this kid did ;-)
  • My friend had a great idea. You buy a white sweat suit and some black pipecleaners. You then put all of the pipe cleaners poking outwards from the sweat suit and you look like a used Biore Strip []

    Another great costume is priest with a little boy in a cowboy suit on his back.
  • I spent 4 hours creating a MIR space station costume: complete with burned out sections, dented and broken antennae and dishes, fluid and gas/vapor leaks, and little "Russian" cosmonauts.
    It looked awesome (and wasn't too difficult to maneuver around in).
    At the end of my Halloween party I climbed the roof, lit MIR on fire, and chucked it.

    MIR, RIP.
  • How about dressing up as a slinky for Halloween.
    Not the crappy plastic one either, the original metal one. The one that actually makes a slinkity sound.
    If you can pull it off, congrats. Although, God help you if there's a thunderstorm that day.

    It's fun for a girl and a boy!

  • i took a big white trash bag, cut holes in it, and went as white trash.

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