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Infrared Support on Non Windows Systems? 40

An anonymous reader asks: "So I've bought myself a brand spanking new dive computer to keep tabs on my dive profiles, decompression, and all the other fun things like that. Nifty! The dive shop owner assures me that it's Mac compatible; if the software isn't in the box, he'll get an appropriate disc from his supplier, and if he can't get the disc, he'll replace it with a model that does work. There's only one problem: the only connectivity it has is an infrared port. There is no Bluetooth, no USB and no Firewire...not that you'd expect any of that on something that's going to be submerged in salt water on a regular basis. Is there a viable infrared option for the Mac? Although the support people haven't been able to tell me yet if it's Mac compatible or not, might something like the Belkin USB to Infrared Smartbeam work? Are drivers included in Mac OS X 10.3, or am I going to be SOL? Bluetooth is all very well and good, but it doesn't help you if the hardware you want to play with doesn't support it. What about Linux IRda support, for that matter -- just to make it cross platform?"
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Infrared Support on Non Windows Systems?

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