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Are There Any Real-Time GPS+Traffic Solutions? 21

Anonymous asks: "I've been wanting to buy a GPS unit for my car, especially since having to drive on the California freeways lately. However, it kills me to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on one of the available units, knowing that right around the corner, I'll see devices that can factor in live traffic data. Or maybe something like this already exists? California does offer ways of downloading their freeway sensor data on the web (this is what uses for their cool maps). For example, this text file is updated frequently with the latest speeds for all the listed sensors. And most GPS units will let you choose between the 'shortest' route and the 'fastest' route. If only we could re-write the algorithm for 'fastest route' to take into effect real-time traffic speeds, check alternate routes, etc. Still, I'd be willing to pay thousands of dollars for a really good GPS+Traffic device that JUST WORKS. Are there any? Are they any good? Are there any on the horizon that you're drooling over?"
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Are There Any Real-Time GPS+Traffic Solutions?

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