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What SciFi Should Get the Reboot Treatment Next? 922

Not long ago Wired ran their own list of which SciFi (not SyFy!) shows were in need of another go 'round in this era of the reboot. Well, it looks like many fans had their own opinions resulting in another list of reboots including everything from Firefly (please?) to The Outer Limits. Which SciFi stories could use the breath of life, and which ones might actually succeed it getting it?
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What SciFi Should Get the Reboot Treatment Next?

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  • Blakes 7 (Score:5, Interesting)

    by WED Fan ( 911325 ) <akahige@@@trashmail...net> on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:13PM (#30726580) Homepage Journal
    Blake's 7. I was in the USAF for the final 2 series. Incredible characters and stories. Horrible sets.
    • That's a good one. Imagine Blake's 7 with a *actual budget*.

    • Re:Blakes 7 (Score:5, Funny)

      by Botched ( 1314867 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:25PM (#30726818)
      Vila: "Where are all the good guys?" Blake: "You may be looking at them." Avon: "What a depressing thought." And the best ending a show could ask for!
    • Re:Blakes 7 (Score:5, Insightful)

      by TheRaven64 ( 641858 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:31PM (#30726918) Journal
      My thought too. A great premise, good script writing, terrible acting and terrible sets. Blake's 7 with some decent actors and a budget would be great. As long as they don't try to make them into 'good guys'. The great thing about Blake's 7 was that, from a certain perspective, it was about a bunch of terrorists and thieves. From another, it was about a bunch of heroic rebels. Most of the time, the truth was somewhere between the two.
      • Re:Blakes 7 (Score:5, Insightful)

        by jameskojiro ( 705701 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @04:02PM (#30727576) Journal

        The actors who played Avon, Vila and Blake were great actors, the rest were mediocre. Orac and Zen were also acted superbly for being machines. Oh and you cannot forget Servelan. She played hot sexy strong in a way I haven't seen yet the only person come close was the visitor leader in V the new series.

        The thing is most of the crew needs to be made up with criminals both political prisoners and otherwise. They need not be acted like they are feral animals, the original show did a good job at that, they need the "Violent Offender with Neurochip suppression" otherwise known as Gan. The team needs to be made up of a group of amoral people led by a complete Idealist (Blake). Of course in the original series when Blake left, he took their morals with it and it become a power play between all of the amoralistic bastards left in the crew, save Cally and Dayna. Though season 3 and 4 were fun as well!

        • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

          by itsdapead ( 734413 )

          Oh and you cannot forget Servelan. She played hot sexy strong in a way I haven't seen yet the only person come close was the visitor leader in V the new series.

          Hot damn. Morena Baccarin as Servilan.


          I'll be in my bunk!

    • Re:Blakes 7 (Score:4, Interesting)

      by ByOhTek ( 1181381 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:32PM (#30726930) Journal

      I read recently that BBC is actually considering a reboot of that one, but at the moment I can't find a reference - so it was probably word of mouth. If not, I agree, that definitely needs a reboot. I remember watching that one after Dr. Who on PBS and loved it.

      It certainly fits better than too many shows on that list that are too recent to be in reboot country IMO. Babylon 5 is definitely the most recent I would put in the reboot category. Firefly was nice, but if they can get the money to complete the movies, it doesn't need a reboot.

      Others are just way too recent IMO (Roswell, Lexx).

  • do a BSG style multi season show based on against a dark background by Banks
  • by SirDrinksAlot ( 226001 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:14PM (#30726608) Journal

    Reboot should get a Reboot!

    That was a great cartoon.

    Maybe C.O.P.S too! Fighting crime in a future time!

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by dgatwood ( 11270 )

      Futurama. Think about Futurama reimagined in a younger, edgier style.

      Fry: Chill, Hube. I'm like translating as fast as I can.
      Leela: I'm so sick of being treated like some kind of object to be worshipped. I'm a real person with real feelings.
      Young Zoidberg: You know, I don't think Mitchell likes me any more.
      Leela: I'm pregnant.

      [Everyone]: No.

      With apologies to Stargate.

  • Why Firefly? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by jandrese ( 485 ) <kensama@vt.edu> on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:14PM (#30726614) Homepage Journal
    What part of Firefly do you think needed a reboot? The whole point of these reboots is to drop the decades of cruft that have dogged down a series and made it impossible to create anything new thanks to all of the baggage. Firefly has a (too) short lived TV run and a movie. There's not really any baggage to drop.

    The only thing I'd change is the dumbass execs that cancelled it before its time.
    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      by spamking ( 967666 )

      What part of Firefly do you think needed a reboot? The whole point of these reboots is to drop the decades of cruft that have dogged down a series and made it impossible to create anything new thanks to all of the baggage. Firefly has a (too) short lived TV run and a movie. There's not really any baggage to drop. The only thing I'd change is the dumbass execs that cancelled it before its time.

      I'll second this . . . Firefly was canceled it way to soon. If Stargate can live on like it is why can't Firefly?

    • I assumed it meant "restart/continue" Firefly, not redo it from scratch. It would have been nice if the "government experiments on its own people" story crammed into "Serenity" had been a season's story arc, like it was probably designed to be.
    • Re:Why Firefly? (Score:5, Interesting)

      by LoyalOpposition ( 168041 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:25PM (#30726812)

      The part that needs to be eliminated in the reboot is the movie. I want to see a series that includes Wash and Sheppard Book.


      • Re:Why Firefly? (Score:4, Insightful)

        by elrous0 ( 869638 ) * on Monday January 11, 2010 @04:06PM (#30727640)
        That movie was embarrassing. They should have just let it rest in peace.
      • Re:Why Firefly? (Score:5, Insightful)

        by RealErmine ( 621439 ) <commerce@wor[ ]le.net ['dho' in gap]> on Monday January 11, 2010 @04:27PM (#30728002)

        The part that needs to be eliminated in the reboot is the movie. I want to see a series that includes Wash and Sheppard Book.

        Maybe some things in the movie didn't fit the way they should have, but I don't think that the death of Wash and Book are among these. Were they likable characters? Yes. Are you supposed to be sad that they died? Yes.

        Firefly is primarily a story about Mal and his journey. At the beginning of the series he is battle-hardened and stoic while being burdened with Brown Coats' loss to the Core Planets. He is very much a closed-off person and the only glimpses we see of his humanity are his feelings for the ship and a strange sense of loyalty to his crew. He never gives any further explanation to why he protects them other than that they are his crew. There is a common theme throughout the series dealing with the stalled relationship between Mal and Inara due mainly to Mal's inability to open himself emotionally.

        The events of the movie bring Mal's humanity back. The uncovering of the atrocities performed by the Core Planets government gives Mal a sense of purpose outside what we saw in the series which was to simply stay alive and flying. The deaths of Wash and Book uncover the real reason that Mal was so protective of his crew and this is alluded to in the last lines of the movie. Mal explains to River that the secret to captaining a ship is love. He protected his crew because he loved them and he is finally able to admit it, but it cost the lives of two good friends for him to realize it. Just previous to this scene Mal expresses to Inara that he would like it if she stayed on the ship, a tacit admission of his feelings for her.

        If you don't like the movie because two good characters died, then you are selling the writing short. They died for a reason so that the main protagonist can undergo a change in character. If you felt sad that they died then the writers did their job of good writing.

        • by CompressedAir ( 682597 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @07:24PM (#30730706)

          Man, you are way off. Firefly was primarily a story about a really cool guy who wore Hawaiian shirts, played with plastic dinosaurs, married a total badass wife, made funny (ding!) informative (ding!) and insightful comments (ding!), and occasionally flew the ship.

          It is no wonder that a show without the main character would lose some appeal.

        • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

          Except Book died off camera and without ever fulfilling the potential of his storyline (who WAS he?) and Wash died in a stroke of abrupt and extreme bad luck that had to be summarily forgotten because of the imminent threat. I felt like the only purpose Wash's death served was to make the audience feel like anyone was fair game at that point. It was effective in that regard, but if that's all there was, I don't think it was worth the trade-off.

          However, you bring up an interesting point, that I had not con

    • Firefly has a (too) short lived TV run and a movie. There's not really any baggage to drop.

      The only thing I'd change is the dumbass execs that cancelled it before its time.

      See, that's what would be rebooted. The short lifespan and the execs would be booted. With a bladed boot. Into a volcano.

      Even if we don't restart the show, I'd like to see them get kicked into a volcano.

    • Not reboot. I'd just LOVE to see the series continued. The movie kinda sealed the story shut, but still, that show was killed way before it was due.

      Bring back Firefly. Please. Pretty please!

    • by IBitOBear ( 410965 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:29PM (#30726892) Homepage Journal

      That and un-kill Wash and Sheppard Book.

      Oh, and get rid of the whole Miranda bullshit. The people who ply the lanes of space would neither "overlook" nor "forget" an entire main planet over the course of less than 20 years. Nor could such a thing be hidden as, outer-most or not, it would show up on everybody's orbital computations as a huge perturbation in their plots. Let alone one ten-year-old with binoculars.

      Oh yea, and drop that whole "all the planets orbiting one sun" nonsense since it isn't workable. Miranda would have been frozen ice-ball _or_ the "inner planets" would be molten slag.

      Don't get me wrong, I loved the show. The movie needs to be declared out-of-cannon before the series would be workable.

      I could have come up with a better "reason for the reavers" in my sleep. The original one from the series (mental erosion from facing the emptiness of space etc) was good enough. Hell, the movie contradicted the series directly. If the Pax caused reaverdom, the the episode where the one guy got tortured and became a reaver himself woudln't have worked unless the reavers carry a supply of the otherwise secret Pax around and deliberately pre-expose potential recruits to it before deciding who to kill, rape, and eat (in that order, if you're really lucky).

      So yea, it needs a reboot.

      • Reason for Reavers (Score:3, Interesting)

        by IBitOBear ( 410965 )

        Here were my ideas.

        1) from the series, yep, some people go crazy when they spend too long on the edge of that much nothing.

        2) in the series it was mentioned that, despite the rumors, there have never actually been any aliens or alien artifacts found. What if there were something so alien way, way out there, but attractive enough to draw people in, that was so alien that it broke the mind. (Would have dove-tailed in with River being prescient and mad, suppose the blue-hands were working from "the only reliab

      • by chrysrobyn ( 106763 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @04:14PM (#30727802)

        Agreed, un-kill Wash and Shepard Book. Although, honestly, a 7 year run could take place in the intervening year between the end of the series and movie. Not sure a sane genius class River would improve a continued show any.

        Miranda is easy to accept, though. She's not a planet that's forgotten or overlooked, not a perturbation on plots or anything. She was a young colony that was still new to people's minds. Mal even knew "terraforming didn't take or somesuch". She was publicly known to be a failure, and even the mangnitude of the failure was known. The nature of the failure was the only unknown.

        Human history is filled with similar misdirected failures.

        • by Chris Burke ( 6130 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @05:35PM (#30729166) Homepage

          Agreed, un-kill Wash and Shepard Book. Although, honestly, a 7 year run could take place in the intervening year between the end of the series and movie.

          Yeah, I gotta disagree with this one. I don't want a series where nobody can die (and wanting to undo their dramatically significant deaths suggests this desire). Especially in the "movie is still canon, and this happens before it, so you know exactly who is still alive and when," sense. That would be the worst.

          Not sure a sane genius class River would improve a continued show any.

          Yeah I have to agree with you there.

          I'm going to be honest here. While it is truly a shame that the series was cut short, I think it's best left alone outside of some supplementary filler like the comics and whatnot. I don't think you could just hop right back in and recapture the magic. Hell, I even have a sneaking suspicious that in some ways the short run of the series was a godsend, since the end result is that pretty much every episode is a home run. But that's only a suspicion... If I had a time machine and a Fox-exec-calibrated-clue-stick, I'd go back and ensure that it wasn't taken off the air.

          But barring that? Let's just let Firefly stand on its own.

          She was publicly known to be a failure, and even the mangnitude of the failure was known. The nature of the failure was the only unknown.

          And nobody cared to find out, because to do so you had to go through Reaver territory.

    • by Blakey Rat ( 99501 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @04:06PM (#30727650)

      It's Slashdot, you're required by law to mention Firefly every time anything sci-fi comes up. Firefly, Firefly, Firefly.

      Personally, I'm a huge sci-fi fan, and I don't like Firefly at all. But I can't say that due to Slashdot Law. Oh crap, it's the Slashdot Police...

  • by Gothmolly ( 148874 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:14PM (#30726616)

    I'd rather see the nice old b&w Twilight Zones, grainy old BSG, the 1 or 2 seasons of Firefly, than ALL NEW DISNEY PIXAR TWILIGHT ZONE 3D ON ICE !!eleventy!!!

    Lets get some NEW stuff - the enjoyment from the show should come from the plot/characters/message rather than the latest special effects or rehashes of To Serve Man.

    • by houstonbofh ( 602064 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:22PM (#30726736)
      The problem isn't the new shows, or the old shows. It is production companies that aren't really SciFi fans... There have been lots of good things dropped after one season because the producers did not understand the product or the market.
    • by PapayaSF ( 721268 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:36PM (#30727016) Journal

      Rather than remake something, or have some ignorant Hollywood producer create some new but clichéd and/or stupid story, why not go look to the great science fiction writers and put them on the screen (suitably updated)? Now that special effects are no longer any sort of obstacle, how about something based on Cordwainer Smith's stories of the Underpeople? E.E. Smith's classic Lensman series? Why not a TV series based on Pohl's Heechee stories? Maybe an Iain Banks novel, as someone mentioned above. How about Heinlein? Asimov? Charles Stross? Larry Niven? Keith Laumer's Retief (sort of a tongue-in-cheek James Bond-ish diplomat dealing with various troublesome alien species) could be huge, and there are enough stories for a dozen films. Any sf fan could list more.

      It's annoying when all Hollywood seems to consider is remakes, "original" stories that aren't often good science fiction, and maybe things by Philip Dick. There are literally hundreds of great sf stories that could make fine films and TV series.

  • Because the original set of sequels did so much damage to the original (awesome) films, that a series reboot could go nowhere but up.
  • How about none? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Dirtside ( 91468 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:15PM (#30726622) Journal

    How about none? There's a million* SF ideas out there that have never gone much beyond the printed word. Why do we have to keep rebooting old franchises? How about turning the Vorkosigan saga into a miniseries? Or something by Cory Doctorow or Charlie Stross, if you want to be a little more up-to-the-minute? How about a miniseries based on Hyperion, or A Deepness in the Sky?

    Or even just forget about things that have already been written -- commission Doctorow or Stross (or someone) to create a TV miniseries based on new SF material.

    * Not precisely 1 million.

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by 0racle ( 667029 )
      Seriously, this. How about trying something new.
    • The mind boggles: We are reading an article about another article about which TV Shows should be re-done. Is there not one self-respecting Creator of Original Stuff left? Is this why Young People Today are so angry about the length of copyright?

      • by TheRaven64 ( 641858 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:49PM (#30727294) Journal

        New doesn't always mean good. There are things like the original Battlestar Galactics, where the premise had a lot of potential, but the execution was terrible. Then there are things like Babylon 5, where the setting left a huge amount of unexplored scope. There's nothing wrong with taking a good idea from a poor execution, and producing something good from it, and there's nothing wrong with expanding existing good shows (although not like B5 Crusade). There's no reason to abandon good ideas just because they aren't new or original.

        That doesn't mean that original ideas are bad, and that you shouldn't create them, but some people consider the reimagined version of The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet to be one of the greatest works of English literature, so you shouldn't discount recycled ideas.

    • Re:How about none? (Score:5, Interesting)

      by CRCulver ( 715279 ) <crculver@christopherculver.com> on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:31PM (#30726920) Homepage

      How about a miniseries based on Hyperion

      I was recently reflecting on Simmons' Hyperion [amazon.com] myself, as I read it several times in my teens. I know there's long been talk of making a film or television adaptation of it, but I now see a number of obstacles to trying to bring this book to a more mainstream audience. One is that it's just a bit too nerdy. I mean, one of the major structural points of the book is the life of the early Romantic poet John Keats, and people want explosions instead of sensitive young men who write verse. Also, the subplot of the cruciform or the Jewish man drawn to sacrifice his daughter might offend religious sensibilities.

      Hyperion is a decent work of science-fiction (though I think of it more as a young-adult choice than a universal classic), but it might just not be right for Hollywood.

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Kemanorel ( 127835 )

      Can I get a Snow Crash movie or mini-series here?

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Jawn98685 ( 687784 )
      So when, oh when, will someone do "Neuromancer" on the big screen? Maybe the whole trilogy, even? So OK, Johnny Mnemonic was a mess, but Gibson's vision, done well, would be glorious to see.
    • Re:How about none? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by spun ( 1352 ) <loverevolutionar ... m ['oo.' in gap]> on Monday January 11, 2010 @04:13PM (#30727782) Journal

      Cory Doctorow? Really? Stross is a solid, workmanlike writer, but Doctorow? He's a hack. I could name a half dozen current Science Fiction writers better than Doctorow and Stross combined. Greg Bear. Stephen Baxter. John Barnes. Iain Banks. Peter Hamilton. Greg Egan. And that's just current authors, off the top of my head.

  • Twilight zone (Score:5, Insightful)

    by flogger ( 524072 ) <non@nonegiven> on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:15PM (#30726624) Journal
    Well this got a reboot in the 80s with the movie, maybe a re-reboot is in order?

    There are too many sci-fi stories out there that need to hit the screen before we get reboots of old ones. Where is? Ender's Game, Antares Dawn, Startide Rising, Fire in the Deep, Armor?

    I'd love to see Ender's Game in 3d. "The enemy's gate is down..." and our orientation would switch appropriately....
    • Re:Twilight zone (Score:5, Insightful)

      by MightyMartian ( 840721 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:20PM (#30726694) Journal

      Where the hell is Asimov's Foundation series? Where is Zelazny's Lord of Light? We have well over a century of science and speculative fiction that has barely, if ever been touched, and yet all anyone can ask for is retreads of Star Trek.

      • Re:Twilight zone (Score:4, Insightful)

        by frogzilla ( 1229188 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:26PM (#30726844)

        Have you read the Foundation series as an adult? It's not really very good. There are certainly some good ideas but the writing is trapped in the 1950s. It seems really awkward in places and overall (in my opinion) it hasn't aged well. It's nice to have classics in whatever genre but don't live in the past. There is a lot of fine writing now.

        The movie and TV business is risky and they want to minimise their losses so they rehash what has worked in the past.

        • Re:Twilight zone (Score:5, Insightful)

          by MightyMartian ( 840721 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:39PM (#30727070) Journal

          I reread it about seven years ago, and enjoyed it as much as I did when I was first read it at 15. Yes, some of the ideas are caught in the "atomic age" notions of the period, but the main plot line, of a Foundation preserving technology in a fading empire, and of a Second Foundation of psychics, along with an extraordinary antagonist like the Mule, well, that's a damned good set of stories. Modernize it a bit, and you're on your way.

        • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

          by pavon ( 30274 )

          I read the Foundation series for the first time last year and I thought the books were very good, up until the "Scooby-Doo" ending of some of them (The Gods Themselves had the same problem). I don't think they would make a very good movie or miniseries though.

    • by nebaz ( 453974 )

      Twilight Zone got a re-reboot in 2003. It only lasted one season.

  • by dmomo ( 256005 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:16PM (#30726632)

    Oh wait. That'd be Heros.

  • Maybe (Score:3, Interesting)

    by daveime ( 1253762 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:16PM (#30726634)

    Maybe screenwriters and filmmakers could come up with an ORIGINAL idea for a change. Getting tired of inferior remakes, all they do is cause me to download and watch the original again.

  • Lets get some fresh stories.

  • None. Come up with some new ideas already.

  • Many of those show I'd never heard of. Significantly disappointed Lexx made but not Farscape. I wanted Farscape to continue.

    What I really want is a live action series out of Starblazers - does anyone else remember how awesome that story was, or I am just making a childhood memory better than it really was?

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      You are seriously "just making a childhood memory better than it really was". I watched it through a few months ago. Honestly it is best left in your treasured childhood memories. For me, Star Trek the Animated Series wins hands down as worst piece of crap that I liked when I was a kid.
  • by Artifex ( 18308 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:21PM (#30726726) Journal

    Princess Ardala, Col. Wilma Deering, and little robots that want to be your best friend.
    What more could any nerd boy want?

  • maybe anchor it with a hip contemporary comedian?

    i'm sure it would make lots of money

  • The Tripods (Score:3, Interesting)

    by HebrewToYou ( 644998 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:23PM (#30726774)
    ...although supposedly a movie is in development, slated for a 2012 release. I think a series/mini-series might be a better fit for the subject matter.
  • Or maybe just the ending?

    Suggestions: Kara aint no ghost, but a clone or maybe.....A CYLON, bitches?

    Let the President live to set foot on Earth, before killing her off, heartless bitches?

    Dont kill the hot black chick via suicide; let her F#$@ her way to an early grave?

    Must we RAM the BASESTAR? I mean, really?

    Go back to Season 2's "Exodus" for inspiration. Do that shit again!

  • I hesitate to say it because the original was frankly one of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time but I think the message is still pertaent and as long as they stay true to the original it could be a very good movie to remake.

  • Max Headroom (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Mashhaster ( 1396287 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:24PM (#30726798)
    The original was prophetic in more ways than I can count, and groundbreaking in many ways while being entertaining. I would love to see what they'd come up with this time.
  • Charles Strosss "A Colder War" [infinityplus.co.uk] short story has enough material to drive several seasons of Ctulhu-esque cold war goodness. If you havent read it, do. Does it get any better ? Entities from the abyss, cold war politics and lots of interesting historical characters.
  • by greenguy ( 162630 ) <estebandido&gmail,com> on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:25PM (#30726808) Homepage Journal

    I'd love to see that done with darker, grittier feel.

  • Ringworld (Score:3, Insightful)

    by foobsr ( 693224 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:25PM (#30726810) Homepage Journal
    Would make for a couple of life injections [technovelgy.com].

  • by hguorbray ( 967940 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:27PM (#30726864)
    A canadian animation that took place initially inside of a game console, although the second series also included the internet. A bit like Tron, but with a richer world inside the computer hardware.

    Bob the guardian, his girlfriend Dot and the great villains Megabyte and Hexadecimal.


    Actually it looks like they are reviving it already, so -asked and answered as they say.

    -I'm just sayin'
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      I'd be happy just to get a boxed set of the whole series on DVD. Some friends and I actually looked into how much it would cost to buy the rights and produce/sell the DVDs. Didn't get very far. :-(
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      A canadian animation that took place in

      I agree on the sentiment...

      But it was inside a Computer, not a game console. The "User" just happened to like playing the occasional game.

      I believe they said it out right in an episode, plus one day they were all impatiently waiting for a new upgrade.

      Then again I could be wrong.

      Fun series. They continued via a Comic a little later, but I hadn't heard of a revitalization.

  • by Quiet_Desperation ( 858215 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:28PM (#30726888)

    Far Out Space Nuts

    You know you want it.

    But, seriously, I agree with others who say "Do something new".

    How about some retro space opera? Lensman or Perry Rhodan? Maybe a Stainless Steel Rat series?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perry_Rhodan [wikipedia.org]

  • B5: Crusade (Score:3, Informative)

    by happy_place ( 632005 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:36PM (#30727026) Homepage
    I always wanted to see this series completed. never happened. and the series had issues, like the music, and the main actor was Mr. Brady from the Brady Bunch movies, but it had potential until TNT execs tried to turn it into "Wrestlemania/Sexromp in Space"... ironically, SyFy channel has since been plagued by the meme of the same execs. :)
  • Star Wars (Score:5, Insightful)

    by wizardforce ( 1005805 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:42PM (#30727116) Journal

    Which SciFi stories could use the breath of life

    Starwars. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 especially.

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Narpak ( 961733 )

      Starwars. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 especially.

      Lets let Uwe Boll remake them, should be an improvement.

  • by roc97007 ( 608802 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:45PM (#30727210) Journal

    For God's Sake, can't we have something original? Reboots are for tired old franchises that have a diminishing following and need a kick in the pants to get going again. Otherwise, it's a remake, not a reboot, and I'm frakking (reference intended) sick and tired of seeing stories from 30 years ago rehashed yet again. So just stop it, ok? We all act like there's only 10 or 12 properties in all of science fiction.

    That said, I would have to vote for Firefly returning. A reboot is absolutely not necessary -- I do not need to see the same stories with different actors -- just continue the story, perhaps as a limited series of 6 to 13 episodes once a year, like they do in England.

    I think the problem with Heroes was that they just plain ran out of story. The first two seasons worked because they had a preplanned story arc. The last seasons are floundering because they don't. Rebooting will not help -- it'll just move the problem to a different set of actors. Let Heroes die and allow us to remember the first seasons -- when it was still good -- with fondness.

    In the case of Star Trek and James Bond, a reboot was necessary if we were going to have more of these franchises. Not having more of these franchises was -- in my opinion -- an acceptable alternative, but the idea of a reboot was interesting, and proved fruitful. Continuing with increasingly elderly actors and every film trying to be exactly like the previous film was clearly not working.

    Here, I'll give you an idea for free that combines a story that hasn't been done yet with a current franchise, making it simultaneously new and marketable. Make a series from Andre Norton's "Star Rangers", but make it part of Trek canon. It's thousands of years in the future, and a old limping spaceship from the broken fragments of a federation crash lands on a planet that used to have a high level of technology. The survivors of the crash attempt to survive from the remnants of old technology found in the dead cities. At the end of the story, (first season) they stumble upon Star Fleet Headquarters and realize they've found Earth.

  • ALF! (Score:5, Funny)

    by SlappyBastard ( 961143 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:50PM (#30727336) Homepage

    I've said it before, but I'll say it again -- the darker re-imagined ALF would be a blockbuster (I'm seeing this version of ALF as a movie, just to be clear).

    We could establish with the big effects piece: the destruction of Melmac. We could shock the audience right away by killing off Lucky. Pretty soon it's a hunted man movie -- this year's District 9 -- and away we go!

    We'd do all the big character surprises, too. Willie would be a female, maybe a hard-drinkin' fighter pilot with a bit of the reckless sex streak. The nosy old lady next door could be a transvestite (very edgy). Before the first act is done, ALF is halfway across the country -- a vast break from the original series, I should add -- and has left a trail of broken lives and broken promises behind him. There would the climactic fight. Willie avenging her dead cat. Lots of dialogue -- total ripoff of Kill Bill's climax. And the final blow. ALF is dead.

  • Starship Troopers (Score:3, Insightful)

    by cthulu_mt ( 1124113 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:53PM (#30727384)
    Do it right this time; the world is ready for power armor.

    Do it for the Lieutenant!
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      Come on, the book was about two things:

      1. The politics
      2. The powered armour

      Just because both those things were missing from the movie... oh, wait, I see your point now.

      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        by olman ( 127310 )

        The movie caught pretty damn well the fascism is all right, m'kay theme and made serious fun about it.

        Pretty hilarious, unlike the book which was just serious about it all, really.

  • by Ukab the Great ( 87152 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:54PM (#30727402)

    On Naboo with JarJar. George Lucas needs to outdo his last Christmas Special.

  • Slashdot (Score:5, Funny)

    by Zarf ( 5735 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:57PM (#30727482) Journal

    ... no seriously. Slashdot needs to have a reboot with a younger cast. The cast of Slashdot had too little diversity. I'd like to see some more female leading characters... maybe a range of ages and some interesting quirky characters. The whole "Evil Bill" thing got old too. Perhaps we could make a new enemy?

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      The whole "Evil Bill" thing got old too. Perhaps we could make a new enemy?

      I nominate kdawson...the biggest advantage is that it has that whole, evil but insider to the good guys' organization twist going for it.

  • by CodeBuster ( 516420 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @04:02PM (#30727590)
    I would really like to see the definitive version of the Dune saga done right ; without the sort of budget and casting constraints that have crippled previous outings (i.e. "the original" which was a David Lynch 80s style film and the SciFi channel remakes which, while better and more ambitious, still suffered from obvious budget constraints). The Dune saga really deserves better treatment than it has received at the hands of previous studios and directors. The success of Avatar has proven the market for high-quality 3D "epic" Science Fiction films and Dune would look really great if it was done in a similar fashion; with the budget and length required to do justice to the story. IMHO, either James Cameron or Steve Jackson would be good choices to direct, but others may have different opinions. If Lord of the Rings can be done well, then so can a sophisticated and high-brow SciFi epic like the Dune saga.
  • Sliders (Score:4, Interesting)

    by lyinhart ( 1352173 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @04:37PM (#30728204)
    What about Sliders [wikipedia.org]? Fun show, great ensemble cast, interesting concept that postulated about alternate Earths. The first couple of seasons were great, but then they changed the tone to become a lot more dark and dreary. They whacked John Rhys-Davies, added Kari Wuhrer and started ripping off various sci-fi films for plots. Cleavant Derricks's character became serious and less of a comic relief character. They started fighting an unnecessary recurring antagonist, the cro-mags. Sabrina Lloyd was written out, Jerry O'Connell got his brother on the show and then they had some weirdness about two Quinn Mallories merging or something.
    • by D Ninja ( 825055 )

      I second this. Sliders is a very excellent idea which went haywire due to various reasons (as stated by the parent). I just got brought back into this series due to the fact that the first three seasons are now available on Hulu [hulu.com]. But, I do agree - after John Rhys-Davies was yanked, the show just continued to go downhill from there. Plus, while I realize the show needs a plot, can it stop being from the standpoint of, "Quinn decides to be dumb and save a damsel in distress and gets everybody into a heap

  • by Phrogman ( 80473 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @04:59PM (#30728568) Homepage

    I imagine most of you have never seen this excellent British SF Series but you should. Despite those elements which date it horribly, it was still far far ahead of its time. This was my favorite show as a kid without doubt and in many ways its still an excellent show and aged well. It deserves a reboot if anything does.
    However, it needs to be redone by the British, not Americans, or at least a co-production. Letting American writers and producers loose with it would ruin the show I think - it had an air of understatement that American TV shows and Audiences seem unable to maintain. A US production would be totally over the top and I think that would be a mistake.
    By far the best show in the entire list - and amazingly ignored in all the comments I read.

  • by HikingStick ( 878216 ) <z01riemer@@@hotmail...com> on Monday January 11, 2010 @05:45PM (#30729354)
    Just think--the graphics in the dream scenes where Alf fillets the family cat would be killer!

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