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Ask Slashdot: Info On Upcoming Handhelds? 71

FullBandwidth writes "Seems like some intrepid Slashdotters are always getting scoops on the soon-to-be-released handhelds (phones, tablets). What's the best way to get technical information and release dates? Apparently in the U.S., the vendors have to submit a certain amount of documentation that then gets published on the fcc.gov website, but I'm not sure if many of us have time to pore over that site. Are there reliable sites or RSS feeds dedicated to what's the bleeding edge of mobile computing?" I glance at Liliputing more days than I don't, partly because of frequent links to new handhelds and tablets as they hit the FCC. Where else should people look?
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Ask Slashdot: Info On Upcoming Handhelds?

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  • I used to come to /. for the latest news on mobile gadgets, but lately all I've been able to find is news about inisibility cloaks, vaporware electric cars, and Bitcoin.

  • Sites (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 11, 2011 @05:54PM (#37062828)

    I use these two sites which give a fair heads up on the mobile world.
    They both follow the fcc and their postings.


  • by Anonymous Coward

    I work for a rather large specialized company who's name you would instantly recognize. (I'm posting through several proxies)
    Anyhow, the R&D group does quite a few "lunch and learns" about upcoming products and ideas and there are certainly some amazing things on the 2-3 year horizon. COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT Tablets! Like a thick piece of glass with a nub on/off switch at the top... the display colors are washed out, but that will get fixed before release. Also phones with built-in wifi access point

    • COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT Tablets! Like a thick piece of glass with a nub on/off switch at the top...

      So you're saying there will soon be a lucrative market for a case which is opaque black or white, so that you can actually get contrast and read what is on the screen? I get annoyed trying to read on my smartphones' reflective screen in sunlight, can't imagine how annoying it will be when I also have to worry about light -under- the tablet.

      • by danlip ( 737336 )

        Yeah, even never understood the appeal of the transparent terminal window, it's the first thing I turn off. I transparent tablet is a cool SciFi gimmick but not something I would want.

    • I'm gonna go out on a short limb and say your post is fake or you work for a pretty crappy company if worthless changes to tablets and MOAR wifi in phones is all you got. I don't think multiple proxies were needed.
      • by h4rr4r ( 612664 )

        Yeah. Pretty much any phone with wifi can act as a wifi access point. A transparent tablet is just so much vaporware. First you need transparent wires, batteries and antennas.

  • Uh yes (Score:5, Informative)

    by jon3k ( 691256 ) on Thursday August 11, 2011 @05:55PM (#37062852)
    Boy Genius Report [bgr.com] and/or Engadget [engadget.com].
  • Engadget. They reliably stay current on all new tech, review newly released portables (and sometimes before release), and filter out the crazy rumors that other sites seem to thrive on. They have a specifically mobile site as well: http://mobile.engadget.com/ [engadget.com]

    They have RSS, and RSS via tag, I use google reader to capture everything android. Subscribe to: http://www.engadget.com/tag/android/rss.xml [engadget.com] ... and this is available for any tag on the site. I believe you can filter tags out of the main site as well
  • by ctrl-alt-canc ( 977108 ) on Thursday August 11, 2011 @06:08PM (#37062990)
    The new patent war involving Apple vs. [Samsung | Motorola | Google | Nokia | Blackberry | The rest of the puny world] is going to keep consumers away from the market, as well as to force companies to be very cautious developing new devices, due to litigation costs. I am not happy with idea of blasting up patent system, since creativity and innovation should be properly rewarded, but what is happening is plain insane. I had some interest into handelds, but I decided I will be happy with my old paper books and my cellphone: I don't want to take the risk of buying a costly device that becomes obsolete due to a patent war.
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by mcl630 ( 1839996 )

      The new patent war involving Apple vs. [Samsung | Motorola | Google | Nokia | Blackberry | The rest of the puny world] is going to keep consumers away from the market

      While I agree the number of patent lawsuits going on, as well as these companies buying up patents to "arm" themselves against each other is quite disconcerting, the sales numbers for smartphones and tablets suggest they're not "keeping consumers away from the market." The typical smartphone buyer is probably unaware of or only vaguely aware of the patent fighting.

    • by Dr Max ( 1696200 )
      Samsung, Motorola, Google and Nokia should team up combine patents, then block all apple's products and see how they like it.
  • Companies can request that the FCC not publish their requests until after a certain date. Apple does this all the time, usually to have the information unpublished until the day AFTER release. So FCC posts alone aren't enough.

    But, yeah, plenty of websites out there that track these things.

  • In addition to mobile.engadget.com as others have suggested, there's www.phandroid.com [phandroid.com]. As the name suggests, it's Android specific, but has lots of good previews/reviews of upcoming/new phones and tablets. They do have an RSS feed.
  • I build the desktops I want. I found the tablet I've always wanted. I'm yet to find the phone of my dreams.

    Do Note Want:
    *** Smartphone
    *** Internet Connectivity - Not even the option for it. It's a (fee) trap!
    *** Touchscreen - Buttons just work.

    1) Phone
    2) Address book and speed dial
    3) Text-messaging
    4) QWERTY Keyboard
    5) Simple MP3 player (along the capabilities of bare-bones WinAmp)
    6) Video and Still Camera with flash
    7) MicroSD card slot
    8) 3.5mm headphone jack
    9) Micro-USB jack (for charging and data tran

    • Pretty much everything else is already available, except for the multiple batteries. Why not have one battery and have the option for the system to disallow anything but phone/text once it drops past a certain level?

    • I can give you a list of about a dozen phones which fit the bill, other than number 11. You'd be better off with an external Li-Ion battery like Energizer/XPAL. They come in many sizes, the smallest of which holds enough juice to charge an average smartphone to full at least once, in my use usually twice. You may also look into the inductive mats. The battery capacity is reduced a bit, but if you are typically listening to your music in your car or at your desk, you can leave the phone on the mat and it
  • While I'll second the vote for Liliputing for completely selfish reasons (thanks Tim!), one of my favorite sites for FCC listings is http://www.wirelessgoodness.com/ [wirelessgoodness.com]. It's a tech blog that posts nothing but discoveries found on the FCC website. They often catch things the rest of us miss.
  • I mostly just follow Engadget as mentioned above and (since I'm Canadian) http://mobilesyrup.com/ [mobilesyrup.com] which covers mobile news/releases releases in Canada.

  • Phone Arena is another good one. http://www.phonearena.com/ [phonearena.com]
  • I don't know if YouTube is full of these, but here is a nice mobile gadget channel [youtube.com].
  • Its not as straight forward as go to this x site and read, but if you go to Google news and type in stuff that is inevitable, you can get a good idea what each manufacture is up to. It takes a bit of guess and work and substitution, for example you know the latest smartphones now are dual core 1 ghz so if you want a next gen phone a Google news search for dual core 1.2ghz up to X ghz, smartphone, os of choice; or maybe quad core phones and it will bring back many results.

    Its also helpful to search the man

  • It has very through and more importantly, unbiased reviews on cellphones. I like the fact they provide rather scientific tests for audio and camera analysis of a device, as well 360 view.

    Also, as site focusing solely on reviewing cellphones, they also tend to have the latest scoop.

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