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Ask Slashdot: Service-Heavy FOSS Hosting? 75

An anonymous reader writes "For many of us our hosting providers are a way to hone our skills as well as run a business. Which provider out there gives the best bang for the buck for a FOSS developer? Virtually everybody provides Perl, PHP, Ruby, MySQL / MariaDB etc. but where can one get easy and cheap access to a stuff like NodeJS and Big Data? Companies such as Pair Networks are great but not quite on the mark with any of their service offerings for somebody looking to test out real world scenarios with these technologies from a hosted stance. Obviously hosting from home is always an option but that has the penalty of administration, backup, DR planning, bigger security footprint etc. and for those of us whose time is balanced between making money and friends / family time that's not very appealing."
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Ask Slashdot: Service-Heavy FOSS Hosting?

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  • virtually any vps will allow you to compile node.js (sometimes by installing extra repositories, depending on the distribution)

    • NodeJS is pretty efficient. If you are just looking to try it, download the source from github and "./configure; make install;" that on an ubuntu server VM.

      Or, if your lazy:
      sudo apt-get install python-software-properties python g++ make
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install nodejs
  • by Anonymous Coward

    These days I solely recommend Amazon Web Services, with a combine of EC2, RDS, and any of the other services you would want. If you can't administer it yourself, contract someone who can deliver a managed hosting environment. You may also be able to use their Elastic Bean Stalk to cut down on administration. Don't like Amazon? Try Google Compute Engine.

  • amazon does pretty much all of them.

    of course, if you got shell access, you can run anything. it's not like it's superduper hard to setup node.js for example. if you want to try something that you just put node stuff into with git and it magically makes it run, try amazon.

    • Its not hard to install node.js on linux from a standing start I installed it and taught my self node.js and built a basic application that was used for a year by my employer a global 500 Company in a couple of days - cant all developers do this?

      To be honest if you cant work out on your own how to admin a Linux box and install common applications then maybe programming is not for you.
  • Try out Red Hat's Openshift, it has node.js and a bunch of other applications. Best part is it's free, so if you don't like it no reason to scale it up and pay. []

    • Free hosting for starting ( there is a limit to sponsoring ), but then you can also take it and host it at home ( package for Fedora for now, supported version for RHEL 6, package for Centos 6 and the team would be quite happy to see it on others distributions too and would be quite receptive to feedback on that part ), you have ssh access so no lock-in of your data, and that's all standards stuff ( ie, it use for python, etc ).

      And the code is on github, there is forums, etc, etc. But that's still

  • Here goes ... (Score:4, Informative)

    by tgd ( 2822 ) on Saturday April 20, 2013 @02:12PM (#43504865)

    Going to be flamed for it, but Windows Azure is probably your best bet. Supports all of that, and a ton more, and is cheap.

    You can do it all with AWS, too, but in my experience Azure tends to take less time to manage, and leave more time for developing. YMMV.

    • Wow, I didn't realize Azure supports all that. For some reason I though it was .net only.
    • I have to second this. Especially since they do have a 90 day free trial. We've been using Azure since the first of the year for both a mobile application as well as for Storage/CDN. Our main site, ironically enough given the mention in the article, is hosted via Pair Networks. But we found that our storage needs was growing much faster than our CPU/RAM usage on the servers. Off loading media to Azure has worked for us and now that the Azure supports Android cloud to device as well as APN and WPN it's

    • For what it's worth, AWS's Beanstalk offering [] now supports deployments to node.js. It's dead easy.

      I've never tried Azure, so I can't compare, but anyway, I thought I'd point it out.

  • How about a true VPS like offers (anyone else offer similar? Amazon Cloud maybe?) where you can pick the distribution, you install/configure the software, etc ?

    • by Ash-Fox ( 726320 )

      I was going to switch to Linode last month when I was having problems with my existing VPS provider, but their website was down. Then later that month I heard their administration interface suffered vulnerabilities to cold fusion exploits etc.

  • VPSs (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Dennis Sheil ( 1706056 ) on Saturday April 20, 2013 @02:45PM (#43505095)

    VPSs have gotten so cheap and full-featured, I don't know why anyone who has IT knowledge would host any more.

    I am legacy hosting on Dreamhost for $10 a month. My MySQL instance has become so slow, I have removed it from my Nagios check. Their old in-house mail web interface is slow as anything (new accounts go to Google Mail, they may have a migration option). Server load can exceed 100, server load is usually many multiples of the number of processors. Dreamhost was considered one of the good web service providers.

    Meanwhile for $16 plus bandwidth I get my own VPS on Rackspace, 20 gigs disk space, 512MB RAM, I can install whatever I want. Linode - 1024MB RAM, first 2 TB of bandwidth free, 24 gig hard drive. I put my own Apache in, my own MySQL. I even run BIND 8 on them. Right now I'm using Perl on the server, but I'm free to use whatever I want. And if $16 is too rich for you a month, you can find even cheaper VPSs. Linode and Rackspace have had a decent QoS, and my business is profitable, so I pay a little more.

    • You're recommending Linode? Are you fucking kidding me? They just had a data breach a few days ago, that they completely fucked up. Lost credit card data, passwords, etc. Originally claimed a single account was attacked, so they reset EVERYONE's password... if that wasn't dodgy enough, then they announced the breach days (a week?) later. The hacker says the public AND private keys were stored on the webserver.. so if he's telling the truth, you'll need to get a replacement card soon from your bank.

    • I'm still on Dreamhost, considering the switch too. Are you using cPanel or an alternative for "sub accounts" that want to manage their sites? Any recommendations?

  • (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward has some great deals on virtualized servers. Last month, I got a VPS with 1 GB of RAM for $2/month, 6 months pre-paid.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Seriously - if you're buying anything more complicated than a VPS with an OS installed (which will support ANY service), you're basically paying your provider to hold your dick while you pee. Learn how to deploy your own stuff...

  • Last Spring we migrated from trying to manage a high-traffic WordPress site ourselves on AWS to VMStorm (, a VPS host with reasonable per-month support & management, and they've been great. We just couldn't find people to really help us out on AWS to set things up The Right Way, and with traffic increasing, page load time increasing, and sales dropping, we didn't really have too much time to learn as we went. GoGrid and Rackspace purportedly have service and management partn
  • Most VPS services must be fully managed by the customer. Improperly managed servers can lead to instability and/or security vulnerabilities. The hidden costs in time and effort can be a hindrance. I was spending more time patching and tweaking my rather pricey Linode instance than I was developing. Managed VPS services are great if you can afford them; I couldn't, and I knew I didn't want to go back to crappy shared hosting, so I started looking for an alternative.

    I've been very pleased with WebFaction. It

  • AWS has many options. You can deploy a single micro server for free for 1 year and stacks of technology and server resources that scale horizontally or vertically very easily. The really were the first successful "Cloud" (IaaS, PaaS) service provider and are probably the cheapest, especially if you want to get your feet wet.
    • AWS has many options. You can deploy a single micro server for free for 1 year and stacks of technology and server resources that scale horizontally or vertically very easily. The really were the first successful "Cloud" (IaaS, PaaS) service provider and are probably the cheapest, especially if you want to get your feet wet.

      I totally agree. If you at the point where you are needing / wanting node and the like, then spin up a linux image, and install whatever you want. You don't need a traditional hosting company at all. The cost of AWS is negligible in this scenrario (and free for a yr as mentioned), the benefits are great, assuming you have the wherewithal to install and play with stuff like node.

  • that has the penalty of administration, backup, DR planning, bigger security footprint etc. I thought those were things you never stopped doing. Are these places really doing that for you or is it just pie in the sky? Tell me more of these magical places where hardware never fails, content never needs to be backed up, and security is so good you don't need to bother yourself with it any longer.

    • Are those 1,655,085 children more important than those 2,487,992 non-children? Do people stop mattering when they turn 18?

  • We use Joyent - very happy with their service. []
  • Definitely if you want to develop anything that is more than trivial, you need to understand the hosting anyway. So roll your own VPS. I just was forced to change providers (the old one closed shop) and settled on [] - Cheap SSD based VPS (2GB RAM, 16 GB disk, 2 TB bandwith - $28/mo no contract) and reasonable VPS with large disks, like +1 TB. Although for the large disk the default bandwidth is not adequate I think. I just can't think of any system that would need that much data but onl

  • Pantheon offers a Drupal platform at an affordable price that rivals the more expensive Acquia platform for Enterprise Drupal []

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