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BeOS, Win95 and Dual Video Cards 47

Deadric would like some help with the following: "Here is my problem, I'm currently running Win95, and I installed BeOS R4 on my computer. The problem is BeOS doesen't currently like my video card. I just went out and bought another 4 meg card that is supported by BeOS, so I would like to know the following: will windows have a problem with having two different sets of video cards, and each set connected to a different monitor? Will I be able to get software to get dual monitor support in Win95? Will there be conflictions between the two video cards?"
Dan has the following hardware setup:

P2 333

8.4 gigs

64 meg ram

8 Meg AGP FireGL 1000

12 Meg Diamond Voodoo2

Windows 95/BeOS R4

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BeOS, Win95 and Dual Video Cards

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  • I believe there's a text file somewhere on the windows 98 cd detailing exactly which cards are supported as a secondary monitor. You need to have one of those graphics cards listed in the the text file to be the secondary monitor, though you can select any graphics card to be the primary display.

    Note that Windows 95 does NOT support multiple display devices (I believe that Number Nine has written a MMI hack for Windows NT to run multiple of the same display devices), you NEED Windows 98. Also note that if you have a tv input thing on your graphics card, it will not work if it is setup as secondary monitor.

    The card which is first detected will be primary monitor. PCI is always detected before AGP, so be careful to account for that if you need to purchase a new card. Otherwise you can simply exchange the physical locations of the graphics cards to change the detection order.
  • actualy you can have an agp card as your primary.

    im running dual monitors with an ATI all-in-wonderpro and a matrox millenium, the millenium has a little dip switch on it that disables the card from loading with the the other pci devices and is not detected until the os starts (as far as i understand it, it was a used card with no manual and the matrox site wasnt very helpful) i believe that switch was labeled pci load or something.

    the tv tuner feature ofcourse does not work on the second monitor.

    in BeOS i get the loading kernel screen on my ATI card and then im thrown to the matrox

    Im new to linux and have no clue as to how to get dual video cards in rh5.2, could someone contact me with help?
  • Here is one for ya. Put OS/2 Warp v4 on your
    system with Elsa cards go get dual display.
    Now install XFree86OS2 to either run remote X
    clients or local (native OS/2) X clients but
    here is the kicker. VNC Server for Linux was
    ported to XFree86OS2 and VNC Client to standard
    OS/2 (Presentation Manager). See where I'm going?
    On OS/2 you have in effect a GNU/Linux system
    running with OS/2 and since OS/2 does dual
    displays, you can run the VNC client to the X
    session on one monitor and the other is the OS/2
    desktop where you run OS/2, DOS, Windows16/32s,
    Java, TCL/TK, etc. Windows gamers need not apply
    cause only a few can be converted to run native
    with Win32OS2. I turn heads now running both
    OS/2 and XFree86OS2 with enlightenment (and
    GNome) simultaineously on my laptop. Dual
    monitors in this configuration would have people
    looking for the other PC chasis..... :)

    No joke. I just compile mico (mico is CORBA)
    on OS/2 with minor makefile changes.

  • I don't think that /. is all about linux.. It's about events in technology... Just my 2 cents.

  • basicly the surport for the fire gl 100 pro which is a agp card is sooo bad for my mates box dont know why I am useing Xfree 3.3.3-1 and it is SLOWW
    (tryed emailing the people that wrote it but no reply)

    I have tryed all the old tricks but nothing works in a 800 600 res it defualts to "no acc" in the additional options and the monitor settings for his screw up all the time anybidy have an Xconfig file or can tell me why

    cheers trying to conevert him and this is not helping

    (maybe even a beta of Xig openGL X (-; oh well)
  • Thanks for all the help everyone, i got a S3 virge card, and now I can run Be and Win98 (just upgraded). I would like to suggest to anyone who has a spare monitor around to get a cheap S3 virge, and run dual monitors. Its a big help, and whenever I use another computer, I dearly miss having a spare place to drag my windows. Apparently, both video cards do not have to be both PCI, I have on monitor running off my FireGL 1000 pro (agp) and another monitor running of my 3S virge/Monster 2 card.

    The one problem I did have in the begenning is that my primary monitor was running of the S3 virge, which i had set up on my secondary monitor, so each time I opened a window, it would open to my other monitor. I fixed this by having my 3S virge running with my Monster 3d2, instead of my prefered FireGL/Monster 3d2. It runs well for basic 2d programs and still runs great for games.

    I was also wondering if anyone knew if BeOS would run with dual monitors? If anyone has any info on that, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help.
  • I had two video cards isntalled at one time. a Diamond Stealth 3200, and a Diamond Viper 330 (acutally a voodoo card as well - yes it was a diamond too =P ) and there were no conflicts. As for have dual monitor...dunno about that...from what I heard they have to be both the same card... of course I am probably wrong. either way NT wouldn't do it for me.

  • I ran 2 17s for a while and I must say its really nice. Now that I have a 21 on my desk, I can say that it really is a toss up. On a coolness scale, of course 2 17s is better, but the trade-off is you've gotta run win98. I couldn't make it work at all for linux. The 21 gives mountains of room, but the added physical room of 2 moniters is a real plus.

    What I miss most is the ability to have a browser on the right screen, a development ide on the left screen and executables running all over the place.

    IMHO, the 2 17s is better. What I really want now is 2 21s. Once you use two monitors, you can't go back.
  • All you people need to chill - who's running this place? Certainly not you. So stop TELLING Slashdot how they should run their site. They're providing this as a service to everybody, the LEAST you could do is stop complaining and start thanking them for all the hard work and dedication they put into it to keep all of us informed. Makes me sick reading this crap. And for the record, Slashdot ISN'T only about the "Linux Community". It's about everything and anything that interests us nerds :)
  • This is one of the places that helped me out alot, defenitly worth a look.
  • explain to me what is going on at "Ask Slashdot?"
    is it that only articles from certain people get selected? or do articles get picked at random? or do most articles just get deleted. I have submmited many worthy articles that i believe to be exremly important to the linux community, yet they do not get posted. However this article get picked instead... I do believe that Slashdot should be run however Taco man feels to run his ship, but don't play games and pretend to care, cause after seeing this particular article among others getting displayed, it makes me wonder.
  • Unfortunantely, X11R6 doesn't currently support multiple monitors (natively). Supposedly version 4.0 will have multi-headed support (See their web site at, but until then you'll have to wait. The only other alternative is to purchase the MetroX server, which supports multiple displays on Matrox Millenias ONLY.
  • You say, "If you have a fairly INTERESTING question (and I'm not talking anything related to FAQ) then I'll hold your question until I can fit it in." What does "until I can fit it in" mean? Are there restrictions on the number of Ask Slashdot posts in a given time frame?

    Also, I think it's interesting to note that Clifton is seemingly the sole critique of "INTERESTING". Is anyone else offended by this setup? I'll concede that questions that can be answered by the FAQs shouldn't be addressed by Ask Slashdot, but other questions could be of value to more than just Clifton and the ordeals he is surrounded by.

    By way of Datazone's post it seems clear to me that I am not alone in wondering why posts we have submitted to Ask Slashdot have been ignored.

    Maybe it's time to open Slashdot a little more. Would it be possible to allow web access to those posts/suggestions that are weeded out?
  • AFAIK, you'd have to disable VGA compatibility in one of the cards, otherwise you'd have two devices trying to put their BIOS code somewhere in 0xC:8000. Matrox cards have a switch that does exactly that, so that you can install one of those with another video card (or another Matrox card, for multi-head support with only one driver). the video driver won't care about the VGA BIOS, and just use the card directly.
  • Posted by dhickman:

    I got hooked on mutiple heads when I pieced together a Sun 4/330 four years ago. Eventually that system got replaced with a much faster pc running linux and I build another system to run nt. I like running exceed or something simular to access the linux stuff. But I missed the dual head. I did a little research and found out that matrox supported multiple heads under nt. So I bought another 15" monitor and the two video cards. So I have been dual head for a couple of years on a pc.

    although I do not care for Winblows 98, it multi heads support is far better than under nt. I like being able to position the monitors anywhere and have different resolutions on them.

    If I were you, Buy the 21 and keep the 17, buy two matrox cards and have both.

  • Does anyone know how to get X going on dual video cards or is this is even possible? I have had absolutely no luck getting X to start with two cards in my box, I have to actually remove one before booting into linux.

    Anyone pulling this off? If so how, the dual monitors thing is one of two reasons micro$oft still owns my desktop.

    (the other is lack of software support for apps I enjoy using such as homesite, paint shop pro..)
  • Posted by [GReNDeL]:

    Quite a few of the MB manufacturers have released bios upgrades that allow you to choose your primary [boot] video device, be it PCI or AGP.

    I know AOpen did for my board. [AX59 Pro]
  • Datazone uttered:
    explain to me what is going on at "Ask Slashdot?" is it that only articles from certain people get selected? or do articles get picked at random? or do most articles just get deleted. I have submmited many worthy articles that i believe to be exremly important to the linux community, yet they do not get posted. However this article get picked instead...
    Datazone, I don't think I've SEEN any submissions from you in a while, and I should know. Most of the Ask Slashdot submissions from the PAST MONTH are still sitting in the submissions box.

    Folks, I ask PATIENCE with Ask Slashdot questions. They are NOT like Slashdot articles. If you have a fairly INTERESTING question (and I'm not talking anything related to FAQ) then I'll hold your question until I can fit it in.


    Complaints like these will NOT get your submissions processed any faster. If you have problems and would like to talk to me directly about these things, then the email address to use is with this post.

    Rampant flames will be forwarded to /dev/null immediately.
  • you have to set the primary display in BIOS first.
  • I don't see why windows would have a problem. I think it will use the one that you select in the display settings or whatever. I've heard that windows 98 supports more than one monitor, might want to check that out.

  • Without wishing to start an argument, some of the
    other responses here are, AFAIK, incorrect.

    95 and NT do NOT support multiple different cards
    or screens. NT can do it but only with Matrox MGA
    based cards, nothing else. MetroX also supports a
    set of 2-4 Matroxes.

    #9 do not support it at all, AFAIK.

    BeOS also doesn't, regardless of cards.

    Win98 supports almost any combination of cards if
    the manufacturer's drivers are compliant. Some of
    the common boards can't do this - e.g. Videologic
    Apocalypse 3D and 5D.

    There's no specific enabling/disabling; the PandP
    BIOS does it.

    I'm running Linux, NT, 95 and 98 on a two-card PC
    here; only 98 can see the 2nd card & screen.

    It should work, but one will be your primary VDU,
    one the 2ndary, and the 2ndary will only function
    under 98. Failing that, buy two Matroxes & a copy
    of MetroX.

  • Only because I can't think of anything else off the top of my head that might let you do multi-monitor w/ win95.

    I run R4 on a setup _very_ similar to the one you describe.

    P2 266

    FireGL 1000 pro (agp)

    Generic S3


    Currently I'm not using the FireGL 1000, but win98 thinks it's monitor #2. BeOS sees the supported card just fine.

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