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Publishing Internet Comics? 5

198348726583297634 asks: "Not many internet comic strips make it into the real print world. Iliad is one example of someone who was fortunate enough to pull this off. How did he do it? Obviously, sticking to his art and putting in the effort every day- but was he approached by a publisher, or did he spend time hawking his wares until he got snapped up? Does Slashdot have any recommendations on small-press publishers who'd be interested in quirky, moderately popular internet comics? Where do we turn to, the authors of these strips, when we're ready for a little bit bigger time? " another example of an internet comic gone to print is Sluggy Freelance - I wonder if some of you Sluggites or UFies out there wouldn't mind bringing Pete and Illiad in on this discussion since they should have plenty of experience in this by now.
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Publishing Internet Comics?

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  • It seems that Plan 9 Publishing does a lot of internet comic publishing (Kevin&Kell, Sluggy, and a bunch more.

    http://www.plan9.org/ [plan9.org]

    Robert Wright

  • There's a whole bunch of independant publishers out there. Unfortunately, the more money they have, the less likely they are to take a chance on someone they don't know. Just like the rest of traditional media, I suppose.

    I guess the trick would be to find a small publishing company that's big enough to have some cash to make an initial run of at least 1000. Here are a couple that seem to be moderately successful (as opposed to wildly successful like Image and Dark Horse):

    • Abstract Studio (publishers of Strangers in Paradise),
      P.O. Box 271487,
      Houston TX, 666-0238
    • Slave Labor Graphics (publishers of Milk and Cheese - Dairy Products Gone Bad),
      325 S. First St. #301,
      San Jose, CA 95113,
      (800) 866-8929

    Good luck!

  • Replying to myself, hmmm....

    Charlie Parker's now going to paper-publish his Internet comic Argon Zark [netaxs.com] so you may want to talk to him about his publisher.

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