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Submission + - What do you do when printers cost less than ink? 2

An anonymous reader writes: A family member recently asked me to pick up more ink for her Epson Photo RX 595. Unfortunately, replacing the black and color ink cartridges costs $81.92 + tax at the local store! That so bad that I got a replacement printer that's just as good and spare ink for less. But now I have a useless piece of e-waste that I can't even give away. What can you do with a printer like that? I hate to just throw it away.
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What do you do when printers cost less than ink?

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  • The best course of action for this sort of thing is prevention. Keep consumables prices in mind when buying hardware in the first place, get a decent laser printer if you can, and give 3rd party consumables a try.

    If you do end up stuck with a printer, or printers, you might want to see if you are, or if you know, any electronics/robotics hobbyists. Even cheap and ghastly printers contain a reasonable supply of motors(some conventional DC, some steppers) and gears and optointerrupters and other fun little
  • I read that new printers come with much less ink than refill cartridges, so you might not be as cheap off as you think you are. Specifically, I read this about HP inkjets, but I wouldn't be surprised if other companies also supply their new printers with half empty cartridges.

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