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Submission + - Openindiana Pro- A continuation of the OpenSolaris 1

donadony writes: While Oracle killed off OpenSolaris and the OpenSolaris Governing Board dissolved itself, the community of OpenSolaris developers have not given up but openindiana instead have begun working on their own community OpenSolaris-based operating systems to provide the world with choices beyond the upcoming Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Solaris Express 11.
Project OpenIndiana is due to be announced on Tuesday 14th September in London, along with a first development release of the desktop and server operating system.
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Openindiana Pro- A continuation of the OpenSolaris

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  • And how are they going to fork the SunOS operating system (= monolithic kernel like Linux) when it is propietary and not open source? They can fork the distribution (OpenSolaris) but not the OS. They have lots of problems to actually develop it without source code. Oracle has all the codes to actually develop something.

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