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bowman9991 writes: "Torchwood's fourth season is now officially dead on arrival in the US — which is ironic given that the premise concerns a day when everyone worldwide stops dying. The elements that made the show original and fresh in the UK have largely vanished. Jack and Gwen return to their pivotal roles, and they perform admirably, but the rest of the new US cast are seriously bad. You have to wonder what producer/ head writer Russell T. Davis and Starz were thinking. Torchwood: Miracle day makes you long for the glory days when accents were Welsh and aliens from the rift were the primary focus."
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America killed Torchwood

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  • Ya, I'm still waiting for them to find out something ... anything ...

    In 7 epsiodes, they've dragged out what could have easily been 10 minutes.

    You have people not dying. Got it.
    You have a drug company stockpiling stuff. Ok, there might be some conspiracy.
    Someone made it so no one but Jack would die. That's a pretty specific target. Why would someone re-engineer biology as we know it, to do impossible things, to say "Hi Jack"?

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