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Submission + - Ubuntu: Wake up and smell the Unity against you (

MrSeb writes: "In the past few months, Ubuntu seems to have experienced a serious drop in popularity. It can be said that Linux distributions rise and fall when something new becomes the latest and greatest, but this turnaround seems sudden and could possibly be due to some recent design changes on Canonical’s part. DistroWatch is measuring a 47% decline in Ubuntu popularity over the last 30 days, versus a 105% increase for Linux Mint. Ubuntu has been sailing its ship away from the general Linux community for a while, and Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu’s head, is beginning to look like an iron-fisted ruler who allows no discussion as to the direction Ubuntu is taking. But why are Canonical and Shuttleworth so intent on ignoring Ubuntu's mature developer community? Why is Unity being pushed so heavy-handedly?"
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Ubuntu: Wake up and smell the Unity against you

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