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Submission + - What happens to your files when a cloud service sh ( 2

MrSeb writes: "Megaupload's shutdown poses an interesting question: What happens to all the files that were stored on the servers? XDA-Developers, for example, has more than 200,000 links to Megaupload — and this morning, they're all broken, with very little hope of them returning. What happens if a similar service, like Dropbox, gets shut down — either through bankruptcy, or federal take-down? Will you be given a chance to download your files, or helped to migrate them to another similar service? What about data stored on enterprise services like Azure or AWS — are they more safe?"
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What happens to your files when a cloud service sh

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  • by MrSeb ( 471333 )

    No, don't worry, the missing word in the title is not 'shits' -- it's 'shuts down'

  • Giving your files to someone else to hold onto and store for your is a risk. All these upload sites have copyrighted material on them, be it legal or for sharing. It sucks for the people that used it legally and are getting punished for other peoples actions, guess it's like losing a hard drive without ever backing it up. Anywho, all these file upload sites are pretty sketchie.

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