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Operating Systems

Submission + - Jolla Stakes Place as Alternative to Android and iOS (

SternisheFan writes: "By Nick Clayton:
    There is a tendency to see Google's Android and Apple’s iOS as the only two smartphone operating systems that matter. After all, nobody would suggest that Microsoft Windows’ position on PCs could now be supplanted by Apple or Linux. On smartphones, however, there are still a number of other operating systems which have varying chances of success at taking market share. These include established players like RIM’s Blackberry, upcoming challengers like Microsoft’s Windows Phone, and then a number of smaller OS projects such as Mozilla Boot2Gecko, Tizen and one which is both old and new, Jolla. The last is based on the Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo project and is run by a number of the original team members.
    MeeGo was only ever used in one phone, the Nokia N9. Its successor, Jolla, the Finnish for “small sailing boat”, was announced in July. It already has a deal with China’s top phone distributor DPhone, according to Giga Om which carries a lengthy interview with Jolla CEO Jussi Hurmola. He explains in quite a lot of detail the company’s plans, how it intends to compete and the devices it is working on, including its first smartphone.
    (See article for more...)"

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Jolla Stakes Place as Alternative to Android and iOS

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