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Penurious Penguin writes: On October 2, City Commissioners of Delray Beach finalized a policy which prohibits agencies from hiring employees who use tobacco products. Delray Beach isn't alone though; other Florida cities such as Hollywood and Hallandale Beach, require prospective employees to sign affidavits declaring themselves tobacco-free for 12 months prior to the date of application. Throughout the states, both government and businesses are moving to ban tobacco-use beyond working hours. Many medical facilities, e.g. hospitals, have already, or intend to implement similar policy. In some more-aggressive environments referred to as nicotine-free, employee urine-samples can be taken and tested for any presence of nicotine, not excluding that from gum or patches. Employees testing positive can be terminated.

The primary rationale behind these policies has been frugality, citing greater insurance-costs for smokers, and the savings implied by eliminating them from the workforce. In some less aggressive situations, persistent smokers are imposed a "Tobacco User Surcharge" of $20 per paycheck and offered waived co-payments for smoking-cessation drugs.

Efforts to cut expenses and encourage better health seem perfectly normal. Policy prohibiting activities otherwise legal, but unbefitting a workplace environment also seem normal. However, employers or government defining employee's domestic lifestyles is a relatively new concept, especially when nothing illegal is involved. It would be difficult, if not impossible to argue that smoking is without consequences; but is breeching the boundaries of the household inconsequential?

Times do change, and adaptation is often a necessary burden. But have they changed so much that we'd now postpone the Manhattan project for 12 months because Oppenheimer had toked his pipe? Would we confine our vision to the Milky Way or snub the 1373 Cincinnati because Hubble smoked his? Would we shun relativity, or shelve the works of Tolkien because he and C. S. Lewis had done the same? If so, then where will it stop? Will we soon scan employees for signs of excessive sugar, trans-fats and cholesterol? Will we have authenticated and logged aerobics classes? I, for one, welcome answers from our new salubrious overlords.

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Hiring Smokers – Banned In South Florida City

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  • I'm smarter than all those non-users even though I only puff on an e-cig. This is all part of an evil plot to dumb down America. Florida is leading the way... USA is fucked... I'm outta here!
  • All these laws against tobacca, and the morons dont realise 20 plants have nicotine.

    So fuck you govt, we can get around that law.

    But testing for nicotine, you are morons, electronic cigarettes use nicotine in liquid form. So now if I want someone to be fired, even the ceo, I just have to 'inject nicotine' into all the bathroom wash gels. So everyone washing their hands will absorbe nicotine, and presto, everyone is fired.

    I bet the fucking CEO smokes a CIGAR at home, and im sure he NEVER gets tested.

    Comeon A

  • But it is the profile for an Insurance company to obtain reduced

    It is no different than an age bias. If the town knew that eliminating
    N individuals over 45 and replacing them with age 21 individules.

    So what if, The insurance company knows all the birthdays and whispers
    to HR that eliminating a group that has a lot of gray hair folk could reduce
    the total package cost by $XX including big salary costs.

    The HR manager whispers to the CEO and bonus time....

    This is part of the charm of Obama care....

    Yes th

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