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Submission + - Microsoft Asks Google to Takedown BBC, TechCrunch, CNN, US Gov, Wikipedia URLs ( 1

hypnosec writes: Recent Microsoft DMCA takedown request to Google has targeted some of the most well-known sites in the cyberspace – BBC, TechCrunch, Wikepedia and HuffPo among others. Microsoft has sent out the take down requests stating that the URLs are involved in illegal distribution of its Windows 8 Beta operating system. The list of URLs contain 4 from BBC, 4 from Wikipedia, 1 each from HuffPo, TechCrunch, CCN, Washington post, Science Direct, and CBSlocal. None of the URLs listed for these sites and surprisingly half of the URLs listed under the section – “WINDOWS 8 BETA” of DMCA complaint actually don’t have anything to do with Windows 8 at all.
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Microsoft Asks Google to Takedown BBC, TechCrunch, CNN, US Gov, Wikipedia URLs

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  • It's been known for a long time (like, since passage) that the DMCA is just a stick for certain industries to beat individuals (and other industries) with. With no effective penalty for abuse, there's nothing to keep Microsoft or their supposed agent ("leakid"), from claiming the entire Internet, including an EPA study on coke oven emissions, is infringing. Though for some reason Google declined to remove the coke oven emission URL at from Google Search. Can't imagine why that would be.

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