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The Internet

Submission + - WCITleaks.org blowing the whistle on the World Conf. on Int'l Communications (ft.com) 1

Presto Vivace writes: "Keep the net beyond the autocrats’ reach

Next week, out of sight of all but the most obsessive geeks, the future of the internet will be determined. Any drama, however, will be hard to discern. Men in suits will gather in Dubai to pore over interminable clause provisions, talking in acronyms and jargon. ... ...Most of the preparations for the Dubai conference have been shrouded in secrecy, and it is largely through WCITleaks.org, a whistleblowing website, that its plans have to come to light. Centre stage is a plan to assert national control over all internet activity that crosses national borders and to assign internet names and addresses. Since the leak, the language has been toned down fractionally, but the intent remains the same: to give governments power over everything that their citizens do and say online.


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WCITleaks.org blowing the whistle on the World Conf. on Int'l Communications

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