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Submission + - Small dev company missing payments from multinational corp

An anonymous reader writes: I run a small dev shop focused on web development, based in Europe. For the past 6 years we've had lots of successful projects with clients from CEE, Western Europe and the US. One of our main clients was based in the US. We started working for them in 2008, while they were a "promising start-up" and everything went smoothly until they were bought by a multinational corp. We couldn't be happier to work for such a big player in the market, we even managed to get by with huge payment delays (3-4 months on a monthly based contract), but now, after more than 2 years working for them I have the feeling we're getting left out, we got 6 months old unpaid invoices and we're getting bounced between the EU and US departments every time we try to talk to them. What can a small company do to fight a big corp that's NASDAQ listed and has an army of lawyers? They've been getting a lot of bad press lately so I don't think that will scare them either...
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Small dev company missing payments from multinational corp

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