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An anonymous reader writes: It appears that two weeks ago my email address got into the wrong database. Since that time there have been continuing attempts to access my accounts and create new accounts in my name. I have received emails asking me to click the link below to confirm I want to create an account with twitter, facebook, apple games center, facebook mobile account, and numerous pornographic sites. I have not attempted to create accounts on any of these services. I have also received 16 notices from Apple about how to reset my Apple Id. I am guessing these notices are being automatically generated in response to too many failed login attempts. At this point I have no reason to believe any of my accounts have been compromised but I see no good response. Thanks for your throughts!
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Identity Under Attack

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  • At the risk of sounding like Capt Obvious, now would be a good time to change all you account passwords to something much more complex and ensure that none of your accounts share a common password or password theme. Also, if someone is making a run at your online identity, the possibility exists your info has been sold to group/s that will add you to the script for credit and bank attacks. Good to include those accounts (if any) in your password updates. Good luck with this. I recently went through a roun

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