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Submission + - Are "Rockstar" Developers a necessity? 2

An anonymous reader writes: Do you think so called "Rockstar" developers are necessary at every company? I feel like they are not and I equate it to not needing a college degree to work at Walmart. If you give every problem a complexity value from 1 to 10, and your problems never get higher than a 6 or 7, do you need people capable of solving the "10's"? I work for a large software company and consider myself a "7" knowing people are smarter technically but I don't have an ego about my work, I work well with others and customers and bring people up around me. Most "rockstars" are not fun to work with and or often belittling and always think they are right, even when then they are not. Some of them have some sort of personality disorder where they act rude but claim they do not. Most "rockstars" are no longer with the company because they were terminated or quit for more money.

Submitters note, if managers read this and have a rockstar who is a pleasant person, pay them well, they are very rare.
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Are "Rockstar" Developers a necessity?

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