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Submission + - Most run piece of code. Ever 9

Hugo Villeneuve writes: What is the piece of code, in a non assembler format, that have run the most often, ever, on this planet?
By 'most often' I mean the highest number of execution, regardless of cpu type.
By 'piece of code' I mean from a minimum of 3 consecutive line of code.

For example, is it the:
- a unix kernel context switching?
- a SHA2 algo for bitcoin mining on an ASIC?
- A scientific calculation running on a CRAY?
- An 'for-loop' inside on an obscure microcontroler that runs on all GE appliance since the 60's?

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Most run piece of code. Ever

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  • It'll be some piece of boilerplate.

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  • Whatever the line of code is that displays "STOP 0x0000000A: IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL"

  • In the late '70s and early '80s:

    and $0f
    add a, $90
    adc a, $40

    Since then:

    add al, $90
    adc al, $40

    • by Damouze ( 766305 )

      I skipped the 'non-assembler' part, my apologies.

      I still think it's a cool piece of code though and it's probably been run the most, especially in certain operating systems associated with the color blue :P.

      In C:

      a += (a >= 10 ? 7 : 55);

      • by Damouze ( 766305 )

        It must not be my day today, because I made a mistake:

        In C it would have to be:

        a &= 15;
        a += (a >= 10 ? 48 : 55);

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