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Submission + - How to Reimmage a Library 1

dptalia writes: I'm part of a team tasked with re-imagining my local elementary school's library. Libraries, especially school libraries, are struggling to remain relevant in today's world when so much reading a research can be done from home. But this school has mostly low income student who don't have the sort of high tech resources at home that we all take for granted. What ideas do you have to turn an elementary school library into an environment that fosters innovation and technology?
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How to Reimmage a Library

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  • It isn't the library's job to foster innovation and technology. That's active behavior while the library's role is a passive one: the library's job is to make knowledge and culture accessible to its patrons.

    So, here's an easy one: stock some of the popular Japanese graphic novels. If the shelf space in Barnes & Noble is to be believed, the kids *want* these. But stock the ones in Japanese, maybe including the English translation, maybe not. And buy the Rosetta Stone software for Japanese and install it

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