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Rydia writes: Since it first released, I have been in love with my Nokia N900, and it has satisfied all my needs for a mobile with a high degree of control and utility. Sadly, the little guy is showing his age, both in battery life (even with the powersaving kernel options enabled), and performing in general has been left far, far in the dust by phones that are now considered quite old. The time has come to find its successor, but after a thorough search of smartphone options, I can't find any handset that offers everything for the power user that the N900 did (much less a hardware keyboard). I'd like to avoid supporting Google/Android, but there don't seem to be many options. Have any other techies found a replacement for their N900?
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Ask Slashdot: Life After N900

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  • I got one from preordering and I really like it a lot. Most importantly, I'm able to use it as my work phone already now and so far there has been a steady stream of updates and apps. If you are in US, getting one is probably not very easy, but maybe you can get one from ebay?

  • It could be the same N900, checked Neo900 [neo900.org]? Other phones of the same style (and more or less same screen resolution, are i.e. LG Enact, Motorola Milestone or Samsung Glide.

    If the problem is having a more hackable OS, in most androids you can install CyanogenMod, and maybe few other OSs. Probably Nexus 4 phone should have the best potential there as being one of the Ubuntu Touch reference hardware, and i think Firefox OS have implementations for it too.

    And if you want a descendant of Maemo, you have Jolla [jolla.com] p

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