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Submission + - Is Linux Set To Be PC Gaming's Number Two Platform? 1

monkeyhybrid writes: Following a tweet from the developer of Maia (a cross platform game soon to hit Steam) that Linux was bringing him more game sales than Mac, Gaming On Linux decided to investigate further by reaching out to multiple developers for platform sales statistics. Although the findings and developer comments show Linux sales to still be sitting in third place, behind those of Mac and Windows, they are showing promise and developer feedback certainly appears to be positive about the platform's future.

With Steam OS on its way, surely leading to more big title releases making their way to the Linux platform, could Linux gaming be set to take the number two spot from Mac?
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Is Linux Set To Be PC Gaming's Number Two Platform?

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  • Since Linux installs are "portable" by nature, booting from an external SSD could allow a full Linux gaming installation to be portable between different devices.
    If a tard-simple GUI clone/backup package were offered a gamer could conveniently clone their tweaked installation for backup or replication.
    As MSFT prefer the vendor lock model this could be an advantage for Linux.

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