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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: easy alternative to MS Access for an easy-to-use DB for a charity? 5

danzvash writes: I'm doing some volunteering for a street kids charity in Senegal, West Africa, and they need a new database to store all their information for the kids, and to help the funding organisations like UNICEF. The charity staff have a few computers running Windows 7. Being a die-hard OSS geek I'm more inclined to knock up a MySQL backend with a Django (or similar) frontend and run the whole thing from a reliable VPS. But it needs to be understandable by the non-geeks in the charity — there is no IT expertise here. Is there anything that can allow me to design and edit databases, tables, and forms but doesn't require an MS license?
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Ask Slashdot: easy alternative to MS Access for an easy-to-use DB for a charity?

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  • But if you can't use google, or if you really haven't heard of Libre Office Base, Then MS Office is for you.
  • I hope this doesn't get lost among the rest of the comments. Hi, I'm Darren. I built a website at darrencaldwellwebdesign.ca (the area I'm referencing can be found under portfolio->web development) but I'm also a student right now and I wanted to help out the other students so I made darrencaldwellwebdesign.ca/school It explains how to setup your own apache server really easily (if you copy/paste the code it also installs webmin and that has a super easy interface for making databases). I also have artic
  • http://www.drupal.org/ [drupal.org] is a good choice.

  • MS Access has a free runtime. MS does not advertize but google it youll find it. also be sure to run the split db wizzard so you can delpoly it a multiuser app.

  • I don't know what information you want to track, but iHRIS: http://www.ihris.org/ [ihris.org] has been adopted to track individual information in many business domains. If you are looking at aggregate level data (no individual specific information), you should think about DHIS2: http://www.dhis2.org/ [dhis2.org] which is also deployed in Senegal. You should also be in touch with Jokkolabs: http://jokkolabs.net/en [jokkolabs.net] They are an open-source friendly incubator / iLab based in Senegal. Cheers, -carl Carl Leitner cleitner@intr

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