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Submission + - A 'Mavis Beacon' for Teaching Smartphone and Tablet Typing?

theodp writes: Where have you gone, Mavis Beacon, a nation of smartphone and tablet typists turns its lonely eyes to you (woo, woo, woo). You've seen people type fast-and-furiously on smartphones and tablets, so you know it can be done, but how exactly do these one- and two-fingered wonders (YouTube) manage to do so? Is it their reaction time? Technique? Both? Back in the day, touch-typing teachers showed kids the secrets to higher word-per-minute scores on their Smith Coronas. Later, typing tutor software got kids up-to-speed on PCs. So, with over 1 billion smartphones and 200 million or so tablets shipped in 2013, what are the best software and tutorials that teach mobile typing techniques? And what platform specific features — iOS, Android, WP8/Win8, BB — do you find make your mobile typing life a whole lot easier?
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A 'Mavis Beacon' for Teaching Smartphone and Tablet Typing?

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