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Personal Ticket Tracking System for Admins? 154

Posted by Cliff
from the to-keep-track-of-it-all dept.
sirfunk asks: "I am a student and part-time system admin for a few local businesses. Most of the businesses I work for do not have me come in regularly, I'm sort of on a on-call, fix-it-when-it-breaks schedule. I'm wondering if anyone out there has come across a personal ticket-tracking system, that would allow my businesses to submit tickets with their problems and priority. The primary requirement would be that the user interface (for my businesses) would be very simple. I've checked out Bugzilla and Trac both of them look way overcomplicated for my needs. Any ideas?"
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Personal Ticket Tracking System for Admins?

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  • Re:Good Lord... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by jaseparlo (819802) on Tuesday February 28, 2006 @10:22PM (#14823448) Homepage

    Dude, there is such a thing as too much information. Same for people above who said sourceforge. He might *find* every ticketing system on earth through one of those methods, but should he have to research, download, install (including battering himself against poorly documented and painful to implement open source installs) and test every package he finds to decide what to use?

    For big orgs with a lot of technical users, RT is fine but for a small simple operation it's hopelessly overcomplicated. He wouldn't find that out without spending a week googling and reading reviews and articles

    A number have people have compared the merits of just using email for a small operation, he *never* would have come across that idea by searching google

    It's really not such a dumb question. The simple fact that there are so many options means it's worth asking somewhere for some aggregated wisdom. Haha wisdom..slashdot...

    It's worth joining an industry group or something for questions like this. I'm in SAGE-AU, under $100/year, the mailing list alone is invaluable for finding useful professional advice, on both technical questions and organisational stuff like this. You may still get flamed with 'check the archive' replies, but the archive will either have the answer or you can explain why it doesn't and get resonable responses.

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