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Cordless Stereo Headphones w/ Microphone? 7

Blaede asks: "I've looking for one of these forever and can't find any that seem to make me want to spend my money. Most important, the audio quality must be tops, with good natural bass (I don't want to have to compensate too much with EQ). The speakers must be of full ear covering construction (no Walkman type units), and the transmitting unit must not be of the line of sight. If anybody knows where to obtain something like this, the info would be appreciated." If something like these exist, it might be a nice thing for those of you who, for one reason or another, find themselves on the phone for hours during the course of the day. I sure wouldn't mind having one, what about you?
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Cordless Stereo Headphones w/ Microphone?

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  • I gotta warn you that I'm not going to be too helpful...

    A few months ago I bought an old stereo headphone with mic on sale at a discount bin in a local electronics store. The brand/model/whatever is "Elveco" (that's it), it's a full ear model, works very nicely and has a tested 50 m radius (including walls and a few other computers nearby) from the antena. The mic is sensitive for my needs and very flexible although I leave it off most of the time. The mic picks up great for 25 m and after that it just drops off. The base runs off a little AC/DC converter (or 2 AAA batteries) and the receiver runs off 2 AAA batteries.

    I bought it for R$ 80 (80 brazilian reais ~= US$ 40). I wish there was more information on how to find one I could give you. There's a little sticker on the antena base and the headset (which isn't heavy BTW, just the right weight to not bother me) that's writen in "Radiocom Privees France Professionnal" and is dated from 07/1997 (so it's a bit old also).

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  • by human bean ( 222811 ) on Tuesday December 26, 2000 @03:16PM (#540197)
    Nady Systems [] has been the standard of the wireless mike and monitor industry for stage and broadcast for some time. Their products eat batteries and cost a fortune, but they work when you need them.

    Alternatively, a couple of short range fm transmitters (thirty bucks), some empty FM spectrum, wire and electrical tape, and a complete and utter disregard for privacy will also work. To my mind too much of a pain in the rump.

  • I've got a pair of RS60's I'm going to pick up tomorrow. They're not cheap ($170 US), but they're reputed to be good. Check out their web site for details. The 60's are the mid-range jobs. The 80's have digital transmission throughout, and the 40's don't have the RF filtering circuitry.

    Mics? I have no idea. : )
  • Your requirements are somewhat in conflict, as you wouldn't need anything like what you described for telephone conversation. If what you're looking for is a headset for telephone use, let me recommend the VTech VT1511. It's 900 MHz, all electronics are contained in the headset (i.e., no additional stuff hanging from your belt), it has a boom mic that rotates up out of the way when not in use, the earpieces sort of hover near the ear and don't cover them so you can hear other sounds in the room, and it has a little dialpad that communicates with the headset via infrared. Very very nice unit which I use all the time.
  • I'm gonna use it for gaming and .mp3 listening. I don't want to be tied down to the comp just to listen to mp3s (I don't use computer speakers and I haven't tied my comp to the stereo system yet because I share an apt) and I want the microphone for voice commands. The part about telephone convos was a comment by the moderator. Actually I do have a V-Tech, it's great for headphone convos.
  • A followup: Most impressed with the RS60 cans. Sound REALLY good, with minimal hiss and signal loss. They also come with two battery packs, one of which sits in the transmitter/charger waiting for you to use up the one in the phones.

    Perfect? No. They sound as good as some very much less expensive wired cans. However, for the wireless mobility, they are THE way to go.
  • Telex makes the t-1400 and the t-1900 []

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