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What Isn't on the Internet? 407

An Anonymous Coward writes: "Every modern geek knows that one can find practically everything on the Internet these days. In fact, I just realized today that I have *never* not found anything I've searched for, barring things that can't for some reason be released in such an environment, or things that just don't exist, even off the 'net. I think it would be interesting to find out what people have searched for that isn't out there ... have any of you ever looked but come up dry?"
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What Isn't on the Internet?

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    .... 404 not found
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  • ...I could have sworn the web was becoming [] unsearchable [].


    * CmdrTaco is an idiot.

  • Unfortunately, it's not. []


    * CmdrTaco is an idiot.

  • The opening theme goes something like "Save this city.."

    I would figure that some crackhead has posted the lyrics somewhere, but I sure can't find them.

  • I've been looking for schematics for a Roland Jupiter-4 (circa 1978) which has a broken fourth voice (doesn't do resonance). Haven't found free versions online: only pay-for versions which are photocopies so therefore useless (the schematics need colour to be read).

    I've found some useful information before but the WWW isn't perfect. If someone sends me a URL for Roland Jupiter-4 schematics then I'll eat my words, of course!

  • Back in highschool when I was in a particularly goof-off mood, a friend of mine called me "a piece of texas toast" as an insult. I hesitated for a second, then spun around to the nearest search engine and typed it in to find out what it was. It came up dry, except for a restaurant named, you guessed it, Texas Toast.

    So yes, I have found a hole in the Internet.

  • I'm surprised nobody mentioned POSIX standards. I now realise that these "Open" standards are not available on the Web because you have to pay for them -- but at the time I thought I needed them, I was staggered.

    It turns out (I read in Rebel Code) that Linus was just as surprised, and instead went to the Sun manpages for documentation to base his system call implementations on.
  • Oh wait, I guess I am now.

    Thanks slashdot...
  • by Howie ( 4244 ) <> on Sunday April 01, 2001 @12:21AM (#323613) Homepage Journal
    Last 40 years of billboard or gallup music chart positions. This definitely exists, but not (AFAIK) online.
  • I was a big fan of 2000AD when I was younger, and I tried to find a picture of Cutie, the belt-computer worn by Sam Slade, Robohunter. No luck, and I'm normally quite good at net searching.
  • ... a really good article on proper technique for playing ska guitar. I know about upstroking & all that but for some reason my ska licks just don't sound quite right.

  • Perhaps he meant unlimited quantities of high quality at absolutely no cost with no need to surrender any personal info, or risk of that info being discovered.

    No one's figured out how to rake in the bucks providing that yet.

  • by unitron ( 5733 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @01:40AM (#323620) Homepage Journal
    I'm pretty sure that Miranda was the last name of the suspect, not the first name of the victim.
  • I don't know what the answer is, but I know what it isn't:
    "Your mom being fucked in the ass by an Australian sheepdog."

    Thank you.

  • 1) The Mondale campaign commercial saying "no
    weapons in space") in MPEG/whatever video
    2) Scans of the photos in "The Sex Life of the
    3) Either online text of or a seller that will
    sell me Helen Zahavi's "The Weekend"
    4) Documentation describing bus interface units
    and the precise operation of peripherals used
    in various definitely obsolete, but not truly
    ancient architectures (e.g. R2K)

    Well, that's my wishlist for now.
  • I leave web and usenet crawlers running all the time and they pick up tons of that crap. I have some nifty scripts that verify it's all unique so I don't store any duplicates. If you have ssh and feel like digging through endless piles of images lemme know. I'd pop it up on a web site but I dunno what the law is on posting content you found free online to your own site. Google seems to do it though so maybe I'll try. :)
  • Umm everyone that saw the above post and went to my business web site or sent email to my business email address -- don't please. (Well you can look at the site but there isn't any porn there.) Email me at my ude.iruossim.gulm@soimgom if you want an ssh account. Thanks.
  • This was a text adventure game for CP/M. It was really pretty basic, but I wasted a lot of time on it. Recently I went searching for a copy on the net, but couldn't find anything even close to it. I gues it could be described as a cross between colossal cave and Wizardry I: Proving grounds of the Mad Overlord (another one I couldn't find, but I think that that one was blocked for legal reasons).

    Caution: Now approaching the (technological) singularity.
  • by seebs ( 15766 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @04:13AM (#323645) Homepage
    So, once upon a time, it occurred to me that I know that Johnny Cash dresses in black, but I don't know *why*.

    So I tried to find out.

    I found a few dozen web sites devoted to "the man in black", but not a single one that explains when or why he picked up this particular quirk. Maybe it's out there, but it's too hard for a search engine to find.
  • by MsWillow ( 17812 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @01:40AM (#323646) Homepage Journal
    There's a plant that grows wild in India, and parts of China, all over that part of the world. It's a variety of coleus, called "coleus forskohlii".

    This plant is known to have many useful properties - it helps speed up nerve signaling a tad (useful for MS sufferers, such as myself), as well as helping asthma, and even lowering blood pressure. I can buy capsules containing a measured amount of dry plant, even standardized to a particular amount of the active chemical, forskolin. I can buy freeze-dried root. I can buy liquid extract of this plant.

    I can get studies done that tell what climate and nutrients are needed to maximize the content of forskolin. I can find all of this on the web.

    What I cannot find online is a source for the seeds, or live roots, or even live plants, so that I can actually *grow* this stuff for myself. Instead, to use this to help my multiple sclerosis, I must buy it already-made into something, either pills or capsules, at *incredible* markup.

    As 60 capsules generally costs about $15, and, for MS, I'd need to take six daily (two at a time, three times a day), this adds up VERY fast. Factor in at I'm on disability, with *very* limited income, and it gets even more entertaining.

    From my searching, I've seen that I am by far not the only person scouring the Web for this plant. Every site that has requests for plants, seems to have several people looking for this plant. I know it's available - not only are the places that sell capsules able to grow it, but the people who've done the studies on growing it had to have live plants.

    But if it's available on the Web, no search engine I've yet seen can find it.
  • Back in '96. Any searching turned up pr0n - even then. Shheshh.

  • I can't seem to find them. A friend challenged me to find a pair, as I've become known for being able to locate any piece of information, but as far as I can tell, they don't exist. Can anyone tell me if they really do fall in the nonexistent category, or whether they're just rather well hidden?

  • an intelligent sounding quote from George W. Bush, but so far I haven't found a single one. I refuse to give up hope though, since sooner or later he'll run out of dumb things to say.
  • I once tried finding the date that the UK switched to daylight savings (one of those seasonal clock+1hr things). No joy. Loads and loads of papers on the influence of daylight savings on the economy, road fatalaties, everything but the date of the next changeover itself.

    I now rely on the traditional method of hoping someone else will tell me. Seems to work.

  • On a somewhat related note--have you ever (by accident or on purpose) conducted a websearch for something that doesn't *really* exist...and found it anyway?

    I discovered this phenomenon the other morning. Here are some examples of things I've found that don't exist:

    • The Birtish Isles (14 hits), seat of the much-renowned Birtish Empire (4 hits) which flourished during the 18th and 19th centuries. Some 60,000,000 Birtish (573 hits) make their home on the Birtish Isles.
    • The Federal Republic of Gremany (866 hits), fatherland of the boisterous Greman people (1,110 hits). Gremans are famous for their unique Greman beer (44 hits).
    • Candada (1,580 hits). The Land of the Great White North; gentlemanly, nonthreatening northern neighbor of the somewhat Orwellian Untied States of America (600 hits). Candadians (1,540 hits) do enjoy their maple sryup (62 hits).
  • I cannot find any place that can sell me a t-shirt with the Vegemite logo.

  • Information on Saturn V's Iterative Guidance Mode and source code. (with Makefile)
  • i recently spent almost an hour trying to find a sample of JOVIAL code. nothing doing. some large fraction of the USAF air traffic software is written in JOVIAL, but i'll be damned if i can lay eyes on an example.

    in case yer wondering, JOVIAL is a 1960's derivative of ALGOL. a friend tells me that it has no I/O commands -- you had to write your I/O in whatever low-level language the hardware supported.
  • Polish lyrics of the Jesus Christ Superstar musical (Wojciech Mlynarski's translation).


  • The one time that I have had a large amount of trouble is when I am searching for something that I have seen before. Sometimes, when I am bouncing from link to link I come across something that is really interesting but due to my lack of foresight I forget to make a note of it. Then later, when I actually use a search engine to try to find the site, I have a lot of trouble. I once found this math site that had a proof that I really needed, but for the life of me, when I inputted the name of the proof and other relevant information into several search engines, I could not find the same site again. I found the proof elsewhere, but I couldn't find the exact site again. Perhaps this is a sign that it is the information that matters and not the specific presentation. Then again, maybe I should just have a better memory.
  • Wait a day everyone.

    Notice the date. :)

  • You can find all the buffy shows you want on usenet.

    And Voyager
    and Simpsons
    and Southpark
    and Futurama
    and Andromeda
    and Friends
    and plenty of other shows I don't watch.

  • mmm. free porn. -
    [URL snipped. I don't feel like being moderated down because of someone else refering to a porn site. Read the parent post for the actual address if you like.]

    You call that quality?!? Your lack of standards is deplorable! Where are the videos? Where's the live, 24-7-365, streaming models? How about the Hot and Horny Sorority Girls?

    In fact, there isn't even any pornography on that site! It's merely links, mostly to family-oriented "unofficial fan pages" and such. Fellow slashdot readers, I urge you to restrain yourselves from visiting that sorry excuses for a pornographic webpage. I've seen Kids 'R' Us catalogs more revealing than that!

    It's obvious that there's a very serious issue here. Should we allow ourselves to be satisfied by this disgraceful attempt to garner advertising revenues, then net porn will never achieve its full potential. Demand better!

  • by SMN ( 33356 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @01:16AM (#323674)
    [Moderators: this isn't a troll, it's bad humor. There is no "-1 Bad Humor" option. Please moderate accordingly]

    You know, try as I might, I just can't seem to find some free, legal, quality pornography online.

    It false under the "free, legal, quality -- choose two" rule:

    free and legal - But then it's never quality. Who would actually dedicate their time and bandwidth to archiving quality pornography for others to view? It's like Gnutella -- too many people downloading, too few uploading.

    free and quality - This is typically inspired by a strage fetish for something illegal, such as child pornography or papparazzi shots of celebrities. People are obsessive enough to waste their time collecting this stuff, but only because they're so desparate to find it themselves (after all, it's illegal).

    legal and quality - Do I really need to say it? You get what you pay for. If somebody puts up a quality archive of legal pornography -- a precious commodity; one that people are willing to pay for -- how long can it be before money corrupts and they're off with their credit card billing, mass spam advertising, and hundreds of pop-up windows?

    I look forward to seeing any dissenting views. It's a win-win situation for us all =)

  • I've been looking, on and off, for cool light dimmer circuits (schematics etc. - not finished products to buy), but I've only been able to find some rather basic ones.

    I'd like a digital dimmer circuit. I'd like DMX512 transmitter and receiver circuits. I'd like to see how people use IGBTs for dimming. I'd like to see a circuit which can dim fluorescent lamps digitally (I found an analog version after much googling).

    Any hints?
  • I searched long and hard for pictures of the Darth Vader Gargoyle on the Washington National Cathedral [], but there just don't seem to be any.
    Patrick Doyle
  • But this is part of why search engines are so cool--as long as you know the song title, or even a few fairly unique words from the song, you'll find a fan site with the lyrics. Evil Record Empire taken the site down? That's OK, the lyrics are in Google's cache. And they'll turn up again, because the evil copyright robber-barons aren't all that good at Whack-a-Mole. It's a good time to be alive.
  • I once got bored while surfing, and decided to try the phrase "Beating myself over the head with a two by four" and actually came up with a page. This was a few years back, doubt it still exists.

    The one thing that I haven't been able to find is a copy of "Gates of Delerium" for the TRS-80 Color Computer 2 - a clone of Ultima that was made by Diecom Software in the mid-80's. Diecom was founded by Dave Dies, and someone else - and then went out of business with the death of the CoCo in the early 90's. I know that he now works for a company doing PDA games. It almost seems like I have the only copy, and my copy is DEAD. I spent a fair amount of money on that game, and I want to play it again... argggh!

    Worldcom [] - Generation Duh!
  • by DanThe1Man ( 46872 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @12:13AM (#323688)
    Even google couldn't find this one [].
  • you were obviously looking in the wrong places.
  • napsterize that!
  • wow, add time to market and you've got software design issues here :)
  • There's about four dozen fan sites for Fight Club and every one of them can give you a meaning to life, only you can decide it's what's right for you however.
  • Don't forget that USA can also stand for United Sceenic Artists. They are a union of theatrical designers (sets, lighting plots, etc.).
  • Everything []. Yet.
  • Plastic just ran a thread [] regarding an article on the subscription side of []. It was about an as yet unpublished book by UK physicist Sir Martin Rees titled "Our Final Century?" as of the date I checked, there was nothing to be found on that book on the three search engines that combined have never let me down before: GOOGLE [] (Web & groups), RAGING [] (secondary web search) & DOGPILE [] (Print news). Part of the the problem is likely to be how current the story was, so my back up was to hit the big UK media sites,, etc. but these also drew blanks.

  • Hurray for Cliff Stoll. His (latest?) book: High Tech Heretic" is an excellent example of this line of though, one with which I completely agree.
  • Well there's Railpage Australia []. That the sort of thing you wanted?

  • One of the problems I find is that by the time the USA gets around to April 1st, it's almost over elsewhere in the world. The jokes tend to wear thin after a couple of days of them.

  • I've been looking for schematics for a Roland Jupiter-4...

    Having had to hunt down the schematics for a Roland SRV-2000, here's some advice:

    - Call your local|regional|national Roland distributor. Sometimes you can get a photocopy for free. Remember that you're asking someone to find a document that's nearly 20 years old, so be extra nice, offer to pay postage, etc.

    - Failing that, try a local music electronics repair center. They might run off a copy for you.

    - Last resort: E-Bay.

    - Extra last resort: Schematics are for the weak. Replace or resolder everything.

    - Important: Make sure you know your instrument's revision number. Roland, like many other manufacturers, would often introduce new revisions of circuit boards, firmware, and software over the life of a product, both to fix defects and streamline the production process.

    Schematics are out there, though your .au location might make it a bit more difficult. But having them is only the start of your ordeal; replacing an out-of-production component is usually the hardest task.

    Those old Jupiters sound pretty sweet.

    Good luck,

    "In spite of everything, I still believe that people
    are really good at heart." - Anne Frank
  • by Peter Eckersley ( 66542 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @06:00AM (#323707) Homepage

    There's no shortage of historical information on the net, but if you want in depth analysis of some historical issue or other, you basically have to go and look in a library.

    In fact, I often find that Xrefer [] does a better job of answering historical or philosophical questions than a generic web search. Since Xrefer is just [free beer] access to a collection of reference books, that isn't really very encouraging.

    Basically, the net is great for breadth, but for non-geek disciplines, the depth is often lacking. We need to shrink copyright terms down to at most 5 or 10 years. That might help :)

  • Here's what's not on the internet: information about how to use a car stereo without a car (i.e. using a standard 12v power supply) -- Batt, Gnd, but Rem? What's Rem? And can I run several 12V power supplies in parallel to produce the required 10A of supply?
  • Car information. There's stuff out there, but I've been looking for information about cars and it sure wasn't on the internet. It was in hot rod magazines and many of my friends know the stuff, but there's no site that says "This is a cam shaft. This is where it goes in an engine." or "In 67-72 most 350 Chevy engines had a 9.x:1 compression ratio." (obviously not a correct example, but you surely get my drift.)
    In fact, it's only by combing the internet that I've found a few places where you can actually price car parts, so if you want to shop around for something like aluminum reconditioned cylinder heads you have to go somewhere like [] but they're not exactly a known name or anything, so you don't know if the guy's full of shit or actually knows his stuff. (I'll find out pretty soon when I actually order a set of heads and get a look at them)
    Basically, the internet could use more car information. Especially along the lines of rebuilding motors, choosing parts to use (IE which pistons are better, what stock parts will be just fine in a hot rod and which will absolutely need replaced, etc.)
    Also, when shopping for seat covers, carpet, and headliners for my son's Mercury Comet I found that very few sites actually had prices online. One wouldn't even tell you how much stuff cost when you called them. You had to wait for them to mail you something.
    I know this will sound like carping, but even though I've found most of what I've been looking for it sure hasn't been easy. I challenge someone to find the information out there on whether or not a TH350 transmission can be converted to a four speed, or what it takes to use a lockup torque converter with one. It's not going to be easy!
  • braces porn. Pictures of girls with braces naked.

  • A web page without banner ads.

    My web page.

    A practical way to stop spam.

    Don't give out your email address to anyone you know personally. Even then, be careful: my mom sent me one of those electronic greeting cards where the company also sold all email addresses entered to spammers.

    A web search that doesn't turn up porn.

    Eh, still working on that, I suppose. But Google's pretty good.

  • A long long time ago, I entered a web seach on Alta Vista, with the query "peronal homepage". Note that I misspelled it "peronal" instead of "personal". Nearly every search engine turns up a ton of "peronal homepages":

    Google turns up about 418. Anyway, I remember that it was about half an hour before I noticed that I had spelled "personal" wrong...
  • by puppet10 ( 84610 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @07:08AM (#323733)
    Third hit on Google [] turned up lyrics for his song Man in Black

    (Johnny Cash)
    © '71 House Of Cash

    Well you wonder why I always dress in black
    Why you never see bright colors on my back
    And why does my appearance seem to have a somber tone
    Well there's a reason for the things that I have on
    I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down
    Livin' in the hopeless hungry side of town
    I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime
    But is there because he's a victim of the times
    I wear the black for those who've never read
    Or listened to the words that Jesus said
    About the road to happiness through love and charity
    Why you'd think he's talking straight to you and me
    Well we're doin' mighty fine I do suppose
    In our streak of lightning cars and fancy clothes
    But just so we're reminded of the ones who are held back
    Up front there oughta be a man in black
    I wear it for the sick and lonely old
    For the reckless ones whose bad trip left them cold
    I wear the black in morning for the lives that could have been
    Each week we lose a hundred fine young men
    And I wear it for the thousands who have died
    Believin' that the Lord was on their side
    I wear it for another hundred thousand who have died
    Believin' that we all were on their side
    Well there's things that never will be right I know
    And things need changin' everywhere you go
    But till we start to make a move to make a few things right
    You'll never see me wear a suit of white
    Oh I'd love to wear a rainbow every day and tell the world that everything's okay
    But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back
    Till things're brighter I'm the man in black

    Guess you need to listen to his older music to find out ;)
  • A web page without banner ads.

    A practical way to stop spam.

    A web search that doesn't turn up porn.

    I have some more but they get depressing at this point.

  • He's referring to Miranda getting murdered in prison. The suspect was read his Miranda rights and refused to incriminate himself. That case is therefore unsolved.
  • I was looking for a poem today lambasting the wonder and speed that is ADSL. For an hours worth of searching, I came up utterly dry. Apparently, it just has not been written yet. Ho Hum

  • No, actually, I live in Israel. Why do you ask?

  • Looks like a trip to various museums to try to get a peek at some of the original manuscripts by John Dowland (written around 1615, give or take a few years).

    Of course, there's some stuff by these composers around, but very seldom do you see a scan of one of the original copies (i.e., purely public domain content).

  • The legal community is hopelessly entangled in paper.

    I recently have become involved in a lawsuit filed by Main Line Personnel, a headhunting company in the Phi;adelphia rea, and when I wanted information on who else they have sued recently, it was nowwhere to be found on the NET. I had to go to the courthouse, run a swearch off of a terminal that was hooked up to an old IBM mainframe.

    the real clincher was though, if I wantedmore inforamtion about each case, I had to actually go to each county seat to get information. That is if there was a case that was filed in Somerset county, I had to travel to Somerset county to get more information

  • Now, a few days ago on slashdot: "Is the web truning unserachable?"

    Today: "Is there anything you can't find"

    - Knut S.
    It might just be me bing lame...
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the internet has alot of "information" but MOST of it is worthless ... what you CAN'T find on the internet is anything thats insightfull or informative.

    I point to websites such as as proof.

  • has lots of images. brings up 2 pics of a 1973 glass featuring the Mayor.

    You, sir, obviously have not used Google recently. :-) Or you were joking, in which case...

    But anyway, I miss those old playgrounds full of the McDonalds characters that they used to have in some locations. The lame see-them-everywhere plastic tunnel crap they have at McDonalds now just sucks in comparison. I remember clibing all over those huge metal characters, with "forts" and see-saws and all sorts of fun stuff. But these days I guess it's too much of a legal liability to give kids a playground that's actually fun, instead of a bunch of plastic tubes and nylon webbing. Blech.

  • Sorry to be so blunt, but going to Amazon you'll see that both *The Bachman Books*, in which *The Rage* was later reprinted, and the novel *The Rage* itself, are both OUT OF PRINT. Which is what I clearly said above. They are out of print because King asked the publisher to pull them when a copy of *The Rage* was found in the locker of a high school student who engaged in a school shooting.

    As I said, they can be found second-hand, but are no longer being sold new and will probably never be sold new in King's lifetime. Therefore, I was hoping to find an OCR's copy of *The Rage* on the Net, but no one has posted one. As I said, I might buy a used copy and OCR and upload it myself, since doing so won't be taking money out of any author's or publisher's pockets.

  • I've searched for online texts of books that have been pulled by their publishers, and scored 1 for 2. I easily found the book *Hitman*, pulled by its publisher after a lawsuit was filed against them because the book was found in the possession of someone who had killed someone else in a manner similar to that described in the book. It was a small survivalist publisher, who didn't have the money to defend themselves even though it's obvious that they'd win in court--First Amendment, ey. I guess you only have rights if you can afford to pay for the upkeep. Anyway, the book was worthless tripe about how to become a contrct killer, and nothing mentioned in it isn't intuitively obvious to anyone with more then three neurons. Hardly worth the time, but I wanted a copy of this "banned" book on principle.

    The "banned" book I could not find online was *The Rage*, written by Stephen King under the pseudonym "Bachman" back when the market was too saturated with King novels and he didn't want to put out that many more for a while, but kept writing voluminously anyway. It was later published under King's own name in a collection of all the books written under that pseudonym, called *The Bachman Books*. But the novel was found in the locker of a high school kid who was involved in a school shooting, and King decided to have the publisher yank the book. I went looking for a scanned-in text of it online, figuring I wouldn't be taking money out of anyone's pocket since the book is permanently out of stock and out of print. Nada. Of course, a quick search of eBay yields a ton of second-hand copies, so if I really wanted to I could buy one and OCR it onto the Net myself. But, I was surprised that no one has done so, considering that it is no longer available except second-hand anyway.

  • Here are a few that come to mind: My opinion is that the technology is almost there right now - lots and lots of people are working on this problem - but the main thing lacking seems to be a searchable database of music that people actually want to search through, as opposed to the existing databases which mainly contain classical music and crappy MIDI files.

    If you do have any cool ideas, especially about how to get the actual data to search through, or how to provide this service on the web without the RIAA sueing your ass off, I'd be interested to hear.

  • popular sheet music: napsterize that!

    You can always go to MIDI Farm [], download your favorite songs, fire up LilyPond [], and print it.

  • No home pages about 'my Amish life'.

    Except for this audio clip... [nap]

  • You're quite right.

    I'm involved with a site that's very much the last of these permutations; legal and quality. Not free, though, for actual pornography (other features are free). Sites like that do indeed exist. No popups, no spam, no CC fraud, nothing. We've lasted 4 years with no temptation to go slimey.

    Most of the really big companies (CEN, Cyberotica, iGallery, etc) are 100% legit, but do use popup windows, which I find annoying but not unethical.

    I don't want to be seen as promoting a porn site on /., so here's the ROT13 version of the site I do work for: obaqntr.pbz

  • I've spent years looking for some bona fide Goat Sex pictures, but all I keep turning up are these pictures of some guy holding his asshole open!

    What kind of sick weirdos would be into that?!?!

  • Miranda's murder was never solved because the suspect invoked his right to remain silent. Now that's ironic

    Miranda was the suspect.

    Rate me on []
  • ah

    Rate me on []
  • by Chester K ( 145560 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @12:21AM (#323827) Homepage
    It's kind of obscure, but I spent hours searching for images of the "totems" from Zork: Grand Inquisitor to no avail. They've got to be out there somewhere, but damned if I can't find them.

    Plus, there have been numerous occasions where I'd remember a specific web page, and even whole phrases from the webpage, and couldn't find my way back to it from any search engine. That really sucks because you know its out there, you just can't find it. And it never fails this happens just after the entry from when you first visited it has expired from your history.
  • This question is pointless. In one respect, the internet connects a large proportion of the globe and thus provides at least a link (hyper or snail) to information about virtually anything. On the other hand, there is a vast, unmeasurable quantity of private information that cannot and never will be available online and attempting to enumerate this would be an eternal task.

    Aye, April fool's for sure.

  • by moath ( 151844 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @12:14AM (#323833)
    Feelable Porn
  • So fine
    So fine
    My baby so doggone fine
    doo-do-de-doo-do-de (hand in mine?)
    So fine

    And lyrics in general.

    The Harry Fox Agency has managed to close down a source of information so universally acknowledged as useful that it was one of the first archives/search sites on the web.

    The story is told in part here [] and here [] and here. []

    The parable of the dog in the manger, who can't eat the hay himself, but prevents others from eating it, has never been more appropriate.

  • There will be no April Fools jokes on the internet this year. Society has judged the typical April Fools joke on the net(such as the internet closing down for maintainance) to be completely lame.

    Therefore, by order of the High Council of the Internet, there are to be no April Fools jokes posted this year.

  • by Curious__George ( 167596 ) on Sunday April 01, 2001 @10:16PM (#323846)
    Would you believe 665 pages of "Pubic Library"???

    Thanks for the great idea! I'm looking for more Freudian slips. . .

    Curious George

  • I've worked at MS. I've seen the internal network structure.

    They dont use FTP for internal source code storage. They have a proprietary source code management system. It works well, and it logs everything, everything you browse, everything you list properties for, everything.

    The real 'gems' arent kept on machines that are connected to the net. They are on fileservers that are physically disconnected from the net. If you work on Windows kernel code, or Office core code, you have to physically (reach around and disconnect) disable your live Internet NIC.

    I would be seriously surprised if all, or even part of any important secret source code was leaked/stolen/hacked out of MS.
  • There was a show on Pbs a few years back about the research of an Australian Music Professor who developed an interesting theory on the function of basic melodic shapes vs emotion. He tested the theory by verififying the curves with Aboriginies. Without the name of the professor or the school in advance, I have never been able to find it online.

    Check out the Vinny the Vampire [] comic strip

  • I've had a bit of a fetish for chicks wearing glasses for years. I've never, ever been able to find a website for that.


    Help me, Slashdot users. You're my only hope.
  • Anyone who claims that everything is on the Internet is not much interested in history. Events prior to 1995 are poorly covered. Events prior to about 1985, when newspapers began putting their contents online (usually available on a fee basis through Dialog or Nexis), are even more poorly covered. Even today, very few newspapers, magazines, and journals have issues prior to 1980 digitized.

    Here's an example: Let's say that you are interested in the issue of the CIA's influence on and involvement with academia. Try a "AND" search for "CIA" and "campus," or "CIA on campus."

    You will get lots of hits about the Culinary Institute of America, and student life there,
    and very little about the Central Intelligence Agency and academia. Why?

    It's because the CIA on campus issue began in the late 1960s, and peaked twice since then -- once in 1977 and again in 1987. All three of these predate the web.

    A site was just started less than two months ago to remedy this situation:

    Almost all of the 27 documents currently posted there had to be OCRed from dead-tree records. Some of these articles were difficult to track down, and some were so yellowed from age that OCR didn't work.

    Yet no one can claim that the issue of the CIA on campus is no longer important in 2001.

  • I'd like there to be a site where I can enter a bit of a melody and find info on matching tunes. It's irritating as hell to know of a track, be able to hum it, and not be able to buy it because no one knows what it is.

    I have some interesting ideas about how to do this if someone wants to fund it. :-)

    (Not using humming as input, though, because some IP squatter has already patented [] that.)


  • An interesting post so I thought i'd have a look, an hour later and not much luck. Looking at this site [] maybe its not very practical for you to grow your own, given it has as little as 0.07% by weight, but I dont know what amount you need to take.
    My second thought is that you are having trouble getting it because its a cash cow, who would sell you the goose that lays golden eggs? Instead you might benefit from trying to find someone who lives/goes to the regions it grows such as china and india and they may either be able to get the plants for you to grow or the extract much cheaper (i.e before it's passed through x number of middle men.)
    I have some connections to that area of the world so if you dont have any luck you could email me dazs (at), I will see if I can help find any.
  • by CowbertPrime ( 206514 ) <> on Sunday April 01, 2001 @12:58AM (#323883) Homepage
    There's a shortage of full-text scientific papers on the internet. Even as a subscriber to several full-text services and journals, I can never seem to find online scientific papers that appear in journals that my university library doesn't have.

    I know that journals want to make money by selling them, but scientific papers ARE public domain, and why should I have to pay to read them (in sometimes very poor quality - on microfilm/fiche).
  • I know how you feel. There is interlibrary loan though so if you know what the journal, title, author etc are and your university has interlibrary loan, I think that they can get a copy of the article for you if you are a student.

    Or you can use [] which costs money.

  • You may be in for a very very long wait. The list of Bushisms is long and growing longer all the time. p []

  • I often find that when I'm searching for something that the item(s) of interest are often located on the 5th, 6th, etc. page of whatever the search engine spits out.

    It's really annoying.

    Sometimes [] is useful because it has some additional functionality that allows you to search particular domains or subdomains for your regular run-of-the-mill boolean search.

    Still it does seem like a lot of the pages that exist on a particular website are Not catalogued by search engines!

    I understand that they all have databases of what is currently out there and they are constantly rechecking to make sure that those links are still valid. I imagine it would take too much memory to index all of the pages on each website but then why do search engines often have the same page come up as two or more different hits! I don't get that one.

  • I once searched for streetmaps of Quiteo, Ecuador. Could not find them!
  • Sorry, I can't type today, shoudl read map of Quite Ecuador. I had been planning a trip there and was looking for in order to better understand where I was to be staying with a friend of mine in the city.
  • I wanted the theme song to PBS's NOVA series. Try as I might, it's not there. I've looked in Napster, Gnutella, IMesh, and others and of course google.
    The funniest thing I found was on some website that had theme songs for download, was a guestbook entry asking if the admin could add the Nova theme. :)

  • Not on the Net -> Decisions of all 50 state district and circuit court cases. Also, I don't think decisions from federal district courts are on the Net. I guess the public doesn't need to know?
  • I have read in several semipublic sources that researchers have traced enough interareal pathways to create a "wiring diagram" of the white matter of the neocortex, but I've been unable to find this -- or any other detailed information about neocortical function -- on the net. OTOH I have found lots of advertisements for drugs and procedures whose usefulness might be better evaluated if the real information were also available.
  • I still haven't been able to find one. And it's really bugging me. There's still a cold chilling reminder here in MI that winter still wants to hang around. Even in April.
  • If you meant Quito, Ecuador, you should look here: pa.html

    Ryan T. Sammartino

  • of naked women.

Loose bits sink chips.