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Uncommon Birthdays? 45

Dolmen asks: "In few days I will live my 10.000th day. My last 'common' birthday was no fun at all, so I'm preparing something special this time. I'm wondering what special uncommon date you, as geeks, did already/plan to celebrate. What did you do for those special dates that most ignore?" Hey, this is kinda cool. Maybe I'll do something special for my 10-Gigasecond day, due to occur sometime in December, 2002. What about the rest of you?
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Uncommon Birthdays?

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  • That's uncommon enough for me.

  • I turn 9000 days old on my brother's birthday this year!

    Scary? Strange? Cool? I'm not sure...
    • I celebrate my 15000000 minute mark and my 250000 mark on my brother's birthday in 2007. Pretty interesting coincidence IMHO.
      • That it's on your brother's birthday is the whole of the coincidence. A little thought will reveal that everyone hits the 15000000 minute mark and the 250000 hour mark at the same moment.
  • Old timer? (Score:4, Funny)

    by Iamthefallen ( 523816 ) <Gmail name: Iamthefallen> on Saturday January 26, 2002 @07:50PM (#2907761) Homepage Journal
    Hey, this is kinda cool. Maybe I'll do something special for my 10-Gigasecond day, due to occur sometime in December, 2002. What about the rest of you?

    Let's see, 10 Gigaseconds, 10 000 000 000 seconds, divide with 60, 166666666,66~ minutes, divide with 60 again, 2777777,77~ hours, divide by 24, 115740,74~ days, divide by 365 and you get 317 years, holy crap slashdot has some true IT dinosaurs!

    • Re:Old timer? (Score:2, Interesting)

      Obvious answer: He meant 1 gigasecond, which is somewhere just shy of 32 years old. Gee. Cliff isn't far ahead of me. I'm 29.

      Actually, I like the question since I'm going to be turning 30 this year. I want something crazy and special but I have absolutely no idea what.
  • I've been reporting my age in hex, so I'll be turning 21 in May.
    • And in octal (Score:2, Interesting)

      by archnerd ( 450052 )
      I'll be 21 in july. If I were to get arrested for drinking alcohol (which I don't), I wonder what the police would do if I pointed that out.
      • Probably, they'd get baffled (come on, how many cops know octal? :-) ) They would look at your DoB (july 1985) and say that you're 16 or 17 (depending on when it happened, and how good they are at maths.) eanwhile, I would sit here laughing at the silly drinking laws you have over there in the USA :-)
  • I was born on July 27, the anniversary (I don't remember how many years) of M$ purchasing QDOS from some geek after having told IBM they had an OS when they really didn't.
  • Isaac Newton's Birthday is December 25th.
    So it is a good thing for non-christians to celebrate that day, 8^)
    (That was my good reason for buying an ice-cream cake last year)
    I've also heard some folks suggest putting an apple on your christmas tree or hannakuh bush to honor Newton.
    A Newton Birthday tribute [] I found online.
  • 1 Billon since epoch (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Zaffle ( 13798 ) on Saturday January 26, 2002 @10:59PM (#2908248) Homepage Journal
    Well, I celebrated 1 billion seconds since epoch by banging my head repeatidly against a wall trying to figure out why webalizer wasn't working any more. Wasn't until the next day it dawned on me it was 1 billion seconds since the epoch, and that could cause it.

    Mmm, I wonder if I can convince my relatives to give me presents for my 9000 days. *grin*.

    Calculating how old I was in seconds use to be a way of passing a few minutes for me back in highschool. That and working out what the gravitational attraction between me and that cute girl was when she sat 1 meter away from me. I was very bored you understand :)
  • And NJ's fiscal year begins on July 1...*AND* my dad works for the State of NJ. Give me a medal.
  • by Satai ( 111172 ) on Saturday January 26, 2002 @11:32PM (#2908354)
    Well, I'm turning eleventy-one on the same day my nephew is turning thirty-three, so I think we're going to hold a big joint party. I've got a big surprise planned for the ending - so keep your eyes peeled.

  • Hey, what's all the fuss about?

    I'm born exactly at noon on the middle day of the year!

    So that makes my birthday special every year!!

  • My birthday is 5/5. I found out after marrying my wife that her birthday is 8/8. My firstborn's birthday is 11/11 (which if you add 5 and 8 you get 13, is octal for 11). It's too bad my other kids didn't follow pattern, as my stepson's birthday is 5/24 (May 2-4, a big drinking party day for you non-Canadians), and my youngest son's birthday is 2/7, which really isn't special other than that is his birthday. :-)

    My age in hex, I hadn't thought of that before... 1a this year...

    • by Anonymous Coward
      I found out after marrying my wife that her birthday is 8/8

      You didn't know her birthday until you married her? How odd!
    • My mother's birthday is 2/17. I found out after I was married, that my father-in-law's birthday is also 2/17, and my daughter's birthday is 2/17.

      That's weird.
  • Turning 100000 (Score:2, Interesting)

    My longtime friend and present housemate (which sometimes puts a strain on the long time friend part b-) just turned 100000 which is 32 in binary (and also appropiate since he's a programmer). The only thing special we did for it is that I got the house ready for the party and took care of guest services (arranging and supplying much food as opposed to putting out a few bags of chips on a table recently swept clean by a forearm).

    Me, I'm turning 100010 this February fourth which means that I was born 2 4 68 (if you signify dating in the American system). Having a nice simple progression sure makes it easy to remember when you were born. b-)
  • ...and hate it every time.
  • by scotti ( 222754 )
    I was born 6/6/66. Nuff said. Anybody else have a uncommon birthday on '/.'?
  • Yes! I did have a party to celebrate my billionth second only a fortnight ago. I just had some friends round to eat pizza and play board games.

    I doctored one of those "I am 10" badges by adding a 9 in the upper-right hand corner, to read "I am 10^9".

    You can see the invitation on my web site (PDF, 55kb []) for a while.

  • since i was born on sept 26th, and i had my 33rd birthday, on the 26th of jan, i became 33 1/3 ... or an LP..
  • One of the few benefits of hitting 41 (?! - can't be!) is that day 15k is less than a month later, and within a year my mom will be boasting to her neighbors about latest antics of her 500-month-old.
  • I was born on a Friday, the 13th.

    Some people think it's scary; I think it's funny.

    13 is my favorite number, too.
  • mine is 9 Jan 1981 - or, if you write it middle-endian, 1/9/81. ^_^
  • I was born on the same day the epoch hit '123456789'.. how's that for progression.
  • I was born somewhere in (time_t)-1 but I know my birthday occurs (time_t)3760200 after {tm.tm_mon=0; tm.tm_mday=1;}
  • which happened to be on a traditional party holiday a few years ago, I went to a party and the host played some LP phonograph records in honor of the occasion. It was fun.

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